my advice

My advice for any first-time Mommy’s out there:

1.  Vasoline!  We use it on Kellan’s bum every night after bathtime.  Also, if you have a little boy, this comes in handy when they get circumcised.  You don’t wanna mess with that bandage, so just lube it up and make sure you put on a little extra.  You don’t want that bandage sticking to the diaper.  Ouchy!!

2.  Start buying diapers and wipes now.  You go through so many, and if you don’t use all of them, just return them for a bigger size.  You will use them all, trust me.

3.  Baby powder anyone?  We used it once on Kellan.  So, no need to buy a Costco size of this white stuff.

4.  Yes to baby lotion.  We have the pink kind (Johnson & Johnson) and put it on our lil’ boy after bathtime.  It smells so good, and we just lather up his skin and massage it with this gooey lotion.  We love it!

5.  Don’t go bananas buying newborn clothes, outfits, socks, shoes, ect.  They grow so fast in such a short period of time, that you will end up not even using the majority of it.  Luckily, we waited to find out the gender of our little babe, and so we only got a few gifted items to us in whites and yellows.

6.  Buy a hooded towel for bathtime.  We have a few and only use these.  They just help keep that small little noggin warm until it’s patted dry and combed through.  (Note, we do not comb Kellan’s hair, because he only has a few hairs… just playing.  But his hair is so fine and white, you can’t really see it anyway…)

7.  Invest in some sort of sleeping machine that plays soothing music, your heartbeat, ect.  Kellan loves it!!  He listens to it every night while he falls asleep.

8.  Also invest in some sort of “last feeding time” soothing lullaby toy.  We have the blue seahorse (I think it’s FisherPrice????), but it plays for 5 minutes, and I nurse little boy for 10 minutes on each side (at bedtime), and then we play it again in his crib, so he falls asleep to it.  We haven’t put him to bed without it yet.  He would probably do just fine, but I enjoy the songs too.  Hey, don’t judge me.

9.  Buy stuff in order you will be using it.  Don’t go crazy and buy all sorts of large contraptions until you are going to need them.  They take up way to much space, and just sit there staring at you, wanting to be played with, jumped on, or swinged in.

10.  Have a newborn photography session with someone.  Anyone.  Trust me, you will want these pictures forever.  Your little one will only stay this size for a short amount of time and the pictures you are left with, you can stare at forever.  I do.  I still can’t believe my little boy is all mine.  I get to watch him grow up.  I get to love on him each and everyday.  But be smart about your photographer, you don’t want some cheesy looking photo’s.  We got an amazing photographer, Mary, to take pictures of our sweet little boy.  And it is a must for all you Mommy’s & Daddy’s to do.  I am so glad that we did!!


3 thoughts on “my advice

  1. Katie- I just have to tell you I really enjoy getting to read about your being a mom and hearing about Kellan. He seems like such an angel!

  2. Thanks Stacey! We need to get together soon for a chateroo!! & Mom, all your comments are posted:) As someone we love use to say, “Don’t worry ’bout it!”

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