a fun-filled birthday weekend

What a weekend we had!  Friday evening I spent the better half of it cooking our dinner, and then baking two cheesecakes for Noel’s 29th birthday party out at his parents home.  I baked a pumpkin cheesecake, which I might add, tastes like a pumpkin pie but creamier and is my new favorite baked goody to eat, and a NY style cheesecake with a blueberry glaze for the top.  Noel’s absolute favorite, which he requests every year for his birthday dessert (instead of a cake) is a blueberry cheesecake.  So, off I go, baking away.  It only took a few hours for the both, and they were easy enough.  With baking, I have to find recipes that are easy to manage, because I know halfway through, lil Kellan will want me or to be held, and I have to be as quick as a 50 yard freestyler in the water with my baking & cooking.  Both cheesecakes were eaten up the following day at Noel’s birthday party bash!  I was happy.


Saturday was Noel’s 29th birthday.  He is one year away from turning 30, but age is just a number hunny, so don’t you worry bout a thing!  I am still in my twenties, so we got another four years before we actually have to have a pity party.  Because his birthday falls in October, the month of spooky, the month of ghosts & goblins, we had a themed, Halloween costume party.  It was amazing!  I dressed up as Lucy, from “I Love Lucy”, Noel was a sheriff, and lil’ boy was a monkey.  There were Halloween themed appetizers and every dish was just delicious.  I even ate up two slices of cheesecake.  YUMMO!  This was the second annual costume party for Noel’s birthday and of course there is a prize for the best costume winner.  I am competitive and wanted to win, so of course I did my best and picked out the most awesome person to be… guess who won??

[our family of 3]

[I just love this picture for some reason, I think it’s the busy-ness of everything…]

[Curt, my brother in law was Tom Selleck, Magnum PI anyone??]

[my Dad was a Reggae dude]

[my Mom was an Army brat & a pouty monkey]

[the birthday boy opening up his presents]

[… and the winner is… Lucy AKA, me, yaahooooo!!]

It was one of the coolest birthday parties I have been too!!  Everyone had a fun time in their costumes, and the menu was superb!  Not to mention the decorating my mother in law did at her beautiful home.  It was perfect.


Like most parents out there, at some point you have to get a babysitter.  Since Kellan has been born, we have relied on family members to watch Kellan for us, but it is now time to venture out of our blood-line and search for the perfect baby sitter to watch our little man for us.  I wanted to find a young girl, in our neighborhood, who has experience with babies (younger than one year old), and who could watch our little dude for a  few hours during the weekend so the hubs and I can have a date day or date night.  With some help, from Tami (a hockey Mom who lives down the street from us), we found our girl!  Her name is Mia (which reminds me of my beautiful cousin, Mia), and she sounds just perfect!  She actually watched Kellan for us yesterday, because I wanted to treat my husband to a matinee-movie (his choice) for his 29th birthday.  “Real Steel” it was, and I actually enjoyed it!  Noel did as well.  Of course he did, what man doesn’t like steel, robots & fighting??

It was a fun-filled birthday weekend for my husband, I know it’s safe to say that he will always remember  it!


1 thought on “a fun-filled birthday weekend

  1. Thanks, Katie
    loved your Blog.
    your SPOOKY decorator m.i.law

    Lucy this is Fred,
    I think you have replaced Pumpkin pie for ever with your Pumpin cheeze cake, we all loved it. make one, no two for us for thanksgiving please.
    Love ya too, ya ba daba dooo

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