feast your eyes

1.  Noel got some brand spankin’ new hockey skates.  After he ordered them (online of course, since Wenatchee does not have an awesome hockey gear selection), the next day he called me asking if they had arrived in the mail yet.  A couple of days rolled by, three to be exact, and on the fourth day, the UPS man came and went and behold the goalie skates…

2.  Lil’ boy’s tooth has not popped through… ummm, I think it might be something else in there possibly?  I can still see it, but not feel it, and it does not seem to be bothering him at all.  It is a mystery to me.  So I get to enjoy Kellan’s gummy smile for a while longer, yippy!!  I love his smile.

3.  Currently drinking a SugarFree Rockstar.

4.  The weaning is going really good now.  Kellan will drink two 6oz. bottles every day (or we try to anyway), and he now knows what that bottle thing is all about.  When he see it, he reaches out his hands for it, like he wants to grab it or hold it.  Mind you, he does this with everything, but I think he knows that he will be “eating” soon when he sees that clear plastic thing with a nipple on the end…

5.  Kellan did not like all the Halloween costumes at Noel’s birthday party on Saturday.  I forgot to mention that part.  He even cried when he saw me in my get-up.  He did not like the red hair, he did not like the blue dress with white spots, nor the white apron.  My Mom’s makeup (she was an Army brat) was very scary to him as well.  I think next year he will be a little bit better with all the scary items that Halloween brings, I sure hope so anyway.  This was a good test as to what he will do when he meets Santa, come December.  Oh lordy.  I hope he doesn’t cry when he sits on his lap… we shall see.

6.  Noel is picking apples, as you know, and he took a few minutes to take some pictures for me of his morning.  Feast your eyes on these bad boys:



7.  My brother, Lachlan, was invited to play for the Central Washington University hockey team for a game against Eastern Washington University last Saturday.  I wish I could have been there to watch him play, I would have been so nervous, but am still so proud of him for doing this.  Lucky for me, my brothers have 3 games this upcoming weekend!  I can not wait.  Seriously, I feel like a proud Mama watching them play.  I just couldn’t love my brothers anymore than I do, they bring me so much happiness.

[photo of my brothers: Lachlan, Alex & Conlan, me, and my sister, Carly {at my wedding}]

8.  I have been obsessed with reading other blogs.  It’s free entertainment, free uplifting messages, free beautiful pictures to gaze at, and I love it!  Keep on writing my dear fellow bloggers, I like it, I like it a lot!!

9.  Trying to give my blog an up-lift, but trying to figure out how to do so, so if I am M.I.A. for a few days, gimme a break, I am trying to add some stuff to my blog and give it a little more sparkle.

10.  My sister in laws, birthday is coming up, and the idea got thrown out there to do a “Mystery Theme Dinner Party”, does anyone have any suggestions for this type of party?  Or if you have, can you give me any tips or pointers?  Games?  Food?  Dessert??  I might just host this event, I can use all the help I can get, thanks ya’ll!!


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