2 days of madness

I am so worn out by this weekend, I was happy to see Monday arrive.  I try not to have our weekends jam packed with stuff to do, but they always end up that way.  I am lucky to always have something going on with my family, but this weekend was like 2 days of madness.

Saturday, we ventured down to the rink and Kellan was all snuggly-warm, behold the magic penguin hat that keeps his head mighty toasty:

We watched my brother Conlan do this:

And my other brother Lachlan do this:

Then, our goalie, Brett saved about a million shots on net, including this one:

My two favorite boys hung out and watched the game:

Then after the game, we went to one of Noel’s orchards to get the air compresser and lil’ boy was using his toy as a teething toy the entire time:

After my brother second game, it was dinner time, so we ordered take out from Mai Lee Thai and when I was walking back to the truck with our food, I found my two boys doing this:

Then it was playtime with our little man so we watched him and praised him and loved him:



I am thankful for another Monday.  Although doing laundry and other chores around the house are exhausting me all over again, it is a fine day.  Adios mi amigos!


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