White hair & blue eyes.

{little boy loving his prunes}

1.  My elliptical has arrived folks!  I am so eager and ready to use a work-out machine at my home.  I like the idea of having that privacy, the idea of just working out whenever I feel like it, and no one will be staring at me, and I can sing outloud while burning a sweat, and Kellan will play on the floor watching me “run” or whatever it is I look like on an elliptical.  Noel gets to pick it up at our local Walmart, bring it home and assemble it for me.  Thank you in advance babe!

2.  Noel has hockey tonight.  His games are really late (9pm), so we can’t go.  And by we I mean Kellan and myself.  Lil’ boy will be in a land of dreams, and I will be exhausted from my day.  Hopefully he will partake in some tourny’s during the weekend, so we can go watch him play.  We shall see.

3.  Speaking of hockey, my two brothers dominated their games this weekend.  They won both games on Saturday and tied on Sunday morning.  They have another series of games here in town this weekend.  And you bet your butt I will be down there rooting them on!

4.  I attended a baby shower on Sunday morning with my Mom and my lil’ boy.  He did great!  (Like always.  I never have to fear what he will do, he just is so mellow and chill.  I love that about him.  Just like his Momma!)  The shower was for my friend Whitney, her husband Morgan is bestfriends with Noel, so we became close through them.  She looks so adorable pregnant, it makes me excited for the next time I am preggo.  Pregnant women just look so cute, they are bubbly, they are happy, they glow.  It is just such an amazing thing to just be.  She received mainly clothes.  Nothing practical.  Babies grow so damn fast that they will only wear an outfit once (yes I am exaggerating), but seriously, buy her some wipes, some diapers, some booger squeezer things, some baby lotion, a diaper genie, anything like that.  Everyone always bolts right towards the clothes, when they are shopping for a baby shower.  People, new Mommy’s need the necessities.  Okay?

5.  Why do people proceed to take pictures of themselves, at least once a week, or possibly once a day and think this is “cool” or “classy behavior”?  I don’t get this.  It is odd to me.  (Sometimes I have-ta say what’s on my mind, and this has been bugging me for a while now…)

6.  Answer simply yes or no:  Do you play games at showers?  Whether it be at a baby shower, a wedding shower, ect.  My answer is this: YES.  Please do this.  It is fun and involves everyone.  Plus everyone will laugh and loosen up a little bit.

7.  What do you think of when you hear the word: Cash?  Seriously, I want your answer.  I’d love to hear it my fellow readers.

8.  My little angel boy’s hair is white!  Ahhhh, he is just the cutest little boy!  My little toe-head baby.  White hair & blue eyes.

9.  I went to the Craft Warehouse store to pick out some holiday decorations, frames, mats, and other items that caught my eye and managed to work their way into my cart.  After Kellan and I were done we left to come home for some lunchy and when I took him out of his carseat, I saw a tub of Elmer’s Glue sitting beneath his butt.  What??  My little boy must have grabbed this white stuff and thought we needed it or something.  I thought this was funny because what do I do?  Go and give it back to the store?  Just keep it (after all it was only $2.49)?  I didn’t know how to react, so I just laughed and told Noel the story when he got home from work.  Thanks Craft Warehouse for the donation to the Mathison household, I swear next time we are in, I will check underneath my son’s butt to make sure he doesn’t have anything hidden under there…

10.  Okay, is Jessica Simpson pregnant or what?  Just say if you are already.  She looks about 6 months preggo, so just admit it girlfriend!  It’s okay, the entire world would love to know… thanks Jess!


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