a high-pitch deafening scream

So my little man woke up last night or I should say, early this morning at around 5:47am, I heard him through both doors (not my monitor right beside my bed) and I sprung up so fast, I thought something awful was happening to him.  As I opened up his door and turned on the lamp on his dresser, he was just crying due to a bad dream.  Thank god that’s all it was.  Ever since all these babies have “gone missing” or “kidnapped”, it has put fear into my brain about Kellan.  Who would take my baby away from me?  And why would someone do this?  They must be severely mentally ill, and I hate to use that terminology, but I don’t know any other word or words to use.  I can say Crazy, Black-hearted, Mean, Cruel, Idiotic, but a person must have some serious mental issues going on to do something mean to a baby.  An innocent little baby.  A baby who can not fend for theirselves.  The latest that I have heard is this Baby Lisa situation.  Very sad.  I don’t get these Mothers or people… it is just very sad to hear about and think about.

This topic has now led me to having an all-day stomach ache.  Thought writing about it might make it better, and Kellan and myself can go for a walk around the neighborhood, but no such luck.  This mommy has an upset tummy.


Kellan has learned a new way to vocalize his emotions.  He now screams.  And it’s a high-pitch deafening scream.  Or shrill.  Or shriek.  Whatever you wanna call it, he is very proud of this.  And sure why not, it gets my attention and I always look at him and say “Oh my hunny.  That’s a loud noise!”  Then he proceeds to do it some more.  My niece, Ali, used to do this shrill scream ordeal in the car, and quite possibly she passed it down to her cousin.  Thank you Ali girl!  I am not sure if she has grown out of this noise yet or not, but she would do it in the car (because she did not like car rides) and then she would do it in the house because it would get her Mommy and Daddy’s attention.  Like instead of talking she would shrill, and this means “Pick me up please, thank you.”  It is funny how babies/children communicate with their parents until they can actually talk.  I don’t know if this is good or bad behavior.  But I am sure he will grow out of this, and I should not “no no” this phase, because he is only learning new sounds and how to express his emotions or feelings.  Don’t worry, I will discipline when needed, but not for a little shrilling.

Or perhaps he learned this noise just in time for Halloween???  Hmmmmm, looks like we’ve got a smart lil’ boy on our hands.

{sweet Ali girl}

{my lil’ boy}

Look pretty similar, right?  In more ways than one… I love you both to the moon & back!


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