“How you like dem apples??”

Yay!  Jumping for joy Saturday!!  Last night, Noel put together my elliptical!  I am so darn excited.  We plugged it in last night and I got on the two pedals and started working out… sure it was only 10.7 calories burned, but my relationship with the elliptical has begun.  I am very anxious to use it every day (hopefully), and get my legs a burnin’.  Noel and I have always had a membership at Gold’s Gym, but it is just more work for me to get ready, get Kellan ready, load us both in the car, try to remember my water bottle and protein powder, and head down to the gym.  Then when we get there, trekking everything inside of the gym: the diaper bag, my water, my ziplock baggy of protein powder, Kellan (in his carseat) and myself, I am already worn out.  It is nice having the daycare there and just “dropping him off”, but it will be so much easier to work out at home.  Plus at the gym, everyone always has to look “the part”.  This means, having your hair done, makeup on, a matching workout outfit, and not sweat.  Okay, I sweat when I work out.  I also like to dance around and sing outloud.  I do not get these robotic women who just work out and don’t sweat.  Are you inhumane?  It will be nice to just throw on my “too short for the gym yoga shorts” and a sports bra, hair up in a messy bun, and just work out.  Plain & simple.  Not to mention, we have our ski-trip in February, and I want to have the cardio in so I can ski all day and not half days while we are there.


My brothers have a hockey game today at 5pm, and tomorrow morning at 10:15am.  Kellan and I will be at both, but Noel will only be able to make it to the game this evening.  Come on people, he’s got to harvest those damn apples!  You know the apples you are eating in Florida?  In New York City?  In Japan and Russia?  Those are from us.  Proudly from us.  So eat ’em up, and enjoy them.  This household eats apples practically everyday.  Whether it be in the form of applesauce,

apples with peanut butter,

pureed (for lil’ boy), or eating it in a flavored crunch-pak.


“How you like dem apples?? Bwahahahaha” -Ryan Babst


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