“Happy Halloweenee”

Happy Halloween!  I usually say “Happy Halloweenee”, Noel says “Happy Halloweiner”, so whatever floats your boat people.  I am a die-hard fan of scary movies.  Always have been & always will be.  Noel does not like scary movies.  He does not like that feeling, the anticipation feeling of something is going to jump out and startle you.  I live for this feeling.  My Mom and I used to snuggle up in her bed and watch scary movies, in marathons.  Have you ever seen the Psycho movies?  All of them?  Watch them in a marathon, they are awesome!  Plus you get to stare at Vince Vaughn in the re-make of the original Psycho and that is always fun.

This is my lil’ boy’s very first Halloween!  I am not big on the “Baby’s first Halloween” stuff, or bibs, or whatever.  I find it to be very tacky, so we steer clear of those items.  (Just a personal preference.)  Anyway I am the one who buys Kellan his clothing anyway, so I get to decide on everything we put on that lean body of his.  We decided that this year we will stay in, dress Kellan up in his monkey costume and pass out candy to the little chillins that come knocking on our door.  Next year, we will venture to downtown Wenatchee, on the avenue, and go to all the shops down there.  He will be walking by then, and he will get to eat that yummy candy all night long… oh boy!  Sugar high anyone?  A low-key Halloween is just right for us, this year anyway.

Hope that everyone has a beautiful Halloween, whether you are staying at home watching scary movies, passing out candy, or taking your little ones trick-or-treating…have a good night ya’ll!


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