sorta winging it

Shame on me.  I completely forgot to share how Kellan did with carving pumpkins.  He thoroughly enjoyed himself.

I think that the cold feel to the inner part of the pumpkin felt nice on his gums.  Who knows if he is teething or not.  That white speck went back under, so who can really tell?  It is laughable though, because as first time parents, we are just sorta winging it.  We don’t know what to expect, so we just roll with whatever happens.  But, Kellan did love carving the pumpkins.  We just sat him in his highchair so he could get a good look at what Daddy was doing to those orange things and once Noel cut out the eyes, Kellan was ready to start chompin down on those things.


We did not get very many trick or treaters on Halloween.  I am assuming this is because it fell on a Monday.  Therefore all our neighborhood children were doing their homework or sleeping.  We usually go through three bags of candy, but this year I don’t even think we finished one bag.  (I am eating the remainder of the candy… I shouldn’t be, but whatever.  I can’t just throw it away.  That’s good money spent… I have to justify.)  We put on Kellan’s monkey hat and he loved seeing all the children in their costumes.

It was a nice, quiet yet eventful evening… next year will be very different… lil’ boy will be walking running towards the candy-givers, hopefully I will be pregnant, and Noel will be running after Kellan telling him to “slooooow down buddy”… ahhhhh, what will a year bring us?


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