snazzy pads

1.  It’s just about snowy weather here in Wenatchee!  There has been frost on the tops of the homes in our neighborhood for the past few mornings.  I am getting very excited for the first snow-fall.  I wonder what our little K-man will do?

2.  We have not one, but two roadtrips this month!  Destinations:  Osoyoos, Canada & Cheney, Washington.  Hallelulajah!  I love roadtrips.

{Osoyoos, British Columbia}

3.  We are driving up to Canada to spend three days watching my two brothers in a hockey tournament.  Noel, Kellan and myself plus my Dad, Mom, Lachlan and Conlan… I can’t wait!  Plus, Noel will get to look at a bunch of new hockey goalie gear and hopefully purchase some as well… it will be a good trip indeed.

{Noel likes these old school pads, I am not too sure about it… I like the new snazzy pads.}

4.  Cheney roadtrip is due to Thanksgiving.  My sister’s family lives there and we hardly get to see them (maybe once a month, if that) and so we will all be caravaning over there to spend the holiday with the Hill family.

5.  Our dog, Callum, needs a bath PRONTO!  It’s just gross.

6.  Lil’ boy did just dandy with the “fall back” boohah, thank goodness.  It didn’t even faze him.  In fact, it’s currently 9:45am and I am just starting to hear him stir in the other room.  What a good baby he is, I just love my little angel boy!

7.  We have got two birthdays to celebrate this month.  My sister in law, Leah’s birthday is on the 15th and my brother, Lachlan’s birthday is on the 27th.  Lachlan is turning 18 years old!  What the heck?  I feel like they are getting older and I am staying the same age.  I don’t feel older, except my bones crack every morning and it takes me forever to get my butt up off the floor sometimes… hmmmmm.  None the less, I am thrilled to be part of their lives, and being a big sister to Lachlan and watch him grow up makes me smile inside.  My heart loves my brother (all 3 of them) and the bond we have as “brother-sister” is something no one can experience unless you have it.  (It’s sorta hard for me to describe, it’s just a feeling…)  I can’t wait for Kellan to have siblings, and experience this type of love.  It truly is amazing.

{Lachlan just steppin onto the ice}

8.  Kellan is doing the tri-pod figurine.  All you parents know what I’m talking about, but let me fill you other newbies in… this means that he is on his tummy, legs are curled/bunched up (so he is mainly on his knees) and two arms and head are face down… he looks like he is gunna crawl but just keeps on pushing his little legs and goes nowhere.  The reason being is because his head is pushing into the ground and he is not moving his arms.  He might be crawling soon, once he figures this out.  Every night the three of us hop on our bed and practice crawling… he is a master at rolling over.  But only one direction.  He just rolls and rolls and rolls.  We are guarding the three sides of the bed that he could potentionally tumble down off of, no worries, but it is fun for Noel and I to “ooooh” and “aaaaah” at our little roller boy!  I love these moments.

9.  Lil’ boy can now eat meats.  Does this sound alarming to you?  It does to me.  We can now mix up whatever food we are eating for dinner and give it to him to eat.  This is just wierd to me.  He eats breastmilk/formula every 2-3 hours and he now eats 4 “freezer ice cube’s” of food each and every day.  So, to add meat to this is just odd to me.  He is only 7 months old people.  We will slowly incorporate this new trend into his diet, but for now I like things just the way they are.  Period.

10.  The hubby forgot his lunch today.  Oh lordy.  Kellan and I will be making a trip into town to give him his lunch in a little while…


2 thoughts on “snazzy pads

  1. Katie June
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Yes we all love road trips, especially Hockey tournament road trips, The special feeling of being a part of a wonderful family and watdhing everyone grow up and develope there individual spirit. Babys and grand kids, and stinky Dogs too.
    Salute Katie

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