As I sit and burp Kellan waiting to hear him burp, I hear something else instead.  THRAAAARRRP.  The smell starts lingering immediately following the noise explosion.  I remove my arm from beneath his butt and look down at my forearm covered in a mustardy-brown smear.  Thank you.  Now, I did not expect this today.  My boy is an every other day pooper, and since today was supposed to be his “off” day I was startled when this happened.  But let’s embrace it, shall we, and horray for him pooping once yesterday and once today.  As I carried him upstairs to his changing table, I noticed that his pants were soaked in it as well.  So I had to lean his upper body against mine and hold his tootsies in my one hand so I wouldn’t smear it around more.  I layed him down on the changing table and took off his socks (they would get destroyed by the poopy if I left them on while attempting to change his diaper and entire outfit).  As the socks come off his feet, they are damp as well.  The poop had made it all the way down to his toes.  YES!  Now the question comes to mind, “Do I give him a bath?”  I was going to, but then remembered that his poops usually just shoot out the side and there is little or nothing in his diaper.  So… no bath was my final answer.

I pulled off his pants and his thighs down to his toes were all poopy.  I started using wipes to clean him all over and once he was clean I un-velcrowed his two diaper satchel things and behold, more poop.  The bath was not necessary, so I am glad I vetoed that idea.  But there was a need to change his entire outfit.  Which we did.  The smell was staaanky but I am glad he took care of business.  I am soaking and then going to wash his outfit (it is too cute to throw out, but sometimes I do throw out his poopy-drenched clothes)… and then we will be good to go for the rest of our afternoon together.

Mommy loves your stinky butt!


One thought on “staaanky

  1. Oh Katie how I understand this sooo much!!! Jaya and I were standing in Charles’s dad’s shop watching the boys tinker with their toys when Charles dad looks over and says “uh you’re leaking” it was Jaya’s ‘off’ poop day too but for some reason she decided to let loose!!! All over her cute outfit and all over both of us!!! Oh how I wouldn’t trade these ‘poopy days’ for the world!!! I love reading your real life stories of a first time mommy! 🙂

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