They are at it again!  So, I wake up, walk to Kellan’s room and see on the floor some gray things, I pick one up and to me, it looks like dust or something, so it didn’t bother me (I simply thought, we need to vacumm today, dang!), then I nursed lil’ boy, put him back down for another 2 hour snooze-fest and walk downstairs to get my morning coffee and cherry scone, and I hear something.  A flap-flap-flap… I look up and see a bird in my kitchen.  He was flapping his wings trying to get outside my kitchen window.  I high-tailed it outta there, ran up the stairs and woke Noel up and told him there is a bird downstairs and you have to get it out.  (Noel is staying home today, he is sick… lord help us…)  So he casually walked downstairs, I kept telling Callum and Braden (our dog & cat) to “GET THE BIRD!”, Noel looked at me puzzled and I looked at him like you better be gettin that damn thing outta my kitchen hunny.  So he slowly walked over to the bird, caught it with his hands, I opened up the slider for him, and he let it go outside… it was like he was gracefully letting a dove out into the free world.  What the heck?  He does things like this so effortlessly and I manage to look like a scared little girl.  Thank goodness he was home to protect me.  But seriously, why do my animals catch objects then release them in our home?  So, that bird was inside my bedroom at some point during the night, trying to escape, probably landed on my head or something while I was sleeping, oh god.  I can’t even think about it too long or it will gross me out.

Kellan did not sleep through this, would you?  So I got him up for the day and we are managing to have a great afternoon together.  I had to go to the store and buy Noel some sick medicine and some other ingredients for a creamy-artichoke-spinach dip that I am making for my sister in law’s birthday party on Saturday evening.

Cheers to having a beautiful Thursday my friends.  If you ever need someone to catch birds for you, call my hubby up.  He will take charge and get that damn thing outta your house for you!

{check out that hair tuff}


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