I love him.

My sweet lil’ boy started his sickness on Sunday.   It is now, Wednesday, and he is doing so much better.  This wasn’t without hard work (by my part) and an extremely large amount of patience.  He would simply cry.  And cry.  And cry… for no reason.  Kellan is not a crier.  He usually just hangs out, plays with his toys and is a mellow little dude.  So this crying stuff, I was not used to, AT ALL.  We made it through the hard part (I think), and he is doing much better.  On Monday (his crying-fit day), his nose was runny, his nose was stuffed up, plus Noel discovered two bottom teeth that are white, but have yet to push through.  Even eating did not calm him down.  He would turn away, lose interest, and anything I did or tried was not what he wanted.  This part of being a Mommy is the most difficult.  Not knowing what your baby wants from you.  Noel ended up coming home on Monday to help me with Kellan.  This is rare for him to do, but I felt like I was running into walls from hearing Kellan cry all day long and felt like I needed my hubby!  He always makes things better, even when he has no idea he is doing it.  I love him.

I do not like it when I feel sick, but I can cope and learn ways to handle it.  With a baby, they cry because they have no other way of dealing with it.  Crying because he is hungry.  Crying because he wants to be held.  Crying because he no longer wants to be held.  Crying because he needs to burp but can’t.  It is sad.  I wish they could talk at this age, or maybe even just when babies are sick.  Reply with a courteous yes or no.  But, it is sad.  I have been trying to do anything and everything for him and he is just not happy.

Thankfully yesterday, he pulled a 180 and he was back to being a happy little guy.  I am thankful for this.  The unknown was pulling off my patience cap slowly but surely.  So, after using Vapo-Baby-Rub, a nasal solution spray, Tylenol, and IB-Profen he is much better.  I was willing to try anything, and luckily my secret combo of these items has worked.  Super Mommy!

{sweet lil’ boy}


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