We see you!

1.  We had a beautiful Thanksgiving at my sister’s home in Cheney last Thursday.  Obviously have been waaaaay to busy to blog since then, woopsy… we’ve been busy eatin’ all that damn turkey and turkey noodle soup my Mom made for everyone.  It was delish.

2.  Two turkeys:  oven baked, the “traditional” turkey, and a deep fried the “southern” way turkey.  Both were delish!

{Josh and the 2 turkeys}

{simply love this little boy}

3.  I made the infamous pumpkin cheesecake and an apple pie for dessert.  (My nephew, Jackson, helped me do the baking, so, the cheesecake was a little lumpy, but both desserts were eaten up anyway and they were just the right sweetness after a freakishly large dinner.  Gotta love Thanksgiving and the 16534 different sides that accompany it!

{Thanksgiving 2011 photo-dump}

4.  We see you!  Finally, sweet Kellan’s two bottom teeth have appeared and are poking through.  They are shar little buggers, and they gave him a painful day yesterday.  Thankfully he is doing much better this morning.  Although I love his gummy smile, it will be nice to see his mouth of pearly whites soon enough.

5.  Kellan is scooting backwards!  He gets up on all fours and pushes himself back.  He also does the “rocking motion” but then stops and sort of falls down on his tummy.  I can’t believe it!  Soon he will be crawling… good thing I already bought the baby gates.  (We have two sets of stairs, so I needed one to keep at the top and one to keep at the bottom.)

6.  Horray, Noel gave Callum (our dog) a bath!  He smells so darn good, as good as a dog can smell anyway, and he is strutting around our house all proud like “check me out Mom!”  Animals are funny creatures.

7.  Christmas shopping has started in this household  I am all done shopping or the Mathison side, and now just have 3 more gifts for the Ross side.  I started early (mid-November), so that way I could actually enjoy the holidays and not stress out over buying and wrapping all the gifts.  I usually get anxiety over this every year, so this year, we are going to avoid that! 

8.  Noel and I are heading up to Mission Ridge (a local ski lodge) this coming Sunday.  We are so stoked!  Last year I was pregnant, so we couldn’t go, but this year, we hope to make it up there at least a few times and enjoy that powder!!

9.  Our beloved Canucks are not doing so well this season (so far).  I hope they can pull it together and hopefully make it into the Stanley Cup Playoffs 2012… we shall see…

10.  I believe it is now time to buy Kellan a bigger carseat.  His feet are hanging off the ends of his “infant carrier” and he feels pretty darn heavy, that’s probably cuz I have him on my hip 99% of the time, but none-the-less, I will venture out today and see what I can find.  The “3 in 1” Graco brand carseat is what I am looking for, so hopefully I can score a sweet deal one. 

Chow bellas!


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