Sisters always have this bond.

Today is my sister’s birthday!  She graduated from the twenties and is now the first of our siblings to be in her thirties.  It’s okay sis, I love you!  I will be right there with you in four more years… but seriously she is amazeballs!  She is like super-Mom.  She has a job that she loves, a husband who adores her, and two beautiful children.  What more could a girl ask for??  In honor of my sister, I will share with you five things about her:

1.  Her birthday is today, December 1st.

2.  She just changed her hair color… after seeing it for 14 years go from a dirty blonde, to a blonde, to highlights, to a platinum color, it is now a beautiful shade of autumn leaves (the darker brown ones).  & I like it, I like it a lot!!

3.  She knows the answer to any “Mommy” question I ask her.  She’s better than the books people, she knows her shizzz!!

4.  I have and always will look up to her.  Beautiful, inside and out.  Caring.  Has the patience of a saint.  Doesn’t sweat the small stuff.  Goes with the flow (I love this about her).  A genuine woman.  (Not too many of these out there, huh?)

5.  When we called her to let her know Kellan was going to be born soon, she drove from Oregon up to Wenatchee to see him, Noel & myself, spent only 30 minutes with us, then drove back down to Oregon because she had to work that day.  She would do anything for me, anytime of the day, anything at all.  I love that I can depend on someone this much, and trust me, I’ve got her back no matter what too.

Sisters always have this bond.  I don’t know any who don’t.  It’s just a feeling that you have when you’re with the other person.  (It’s like the bond I have with my brother, only a little different…)  & because it’s Carly’s birthday today, I thought I would share with you all just how incredible she is.  I love you sissy!!


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