Happy. Safe. Secure. Loved.

Busy busy busy weekend… sort of.  To me it was busy.  Since during the week Kellan and I usually keep to ourselves and run a few errands here and there.  Saturday was a fun day for our family.  We got in the truck and drove down to our local Fred Meyers, where we grocery shopped and picked out our tree.  Noel kept on asking me if we had a tree stand at home, and of course, I said yes.  I know right where it is, and the specific box it’s in.  So we left with our goodies and drove back up the mountain to our home.  When we got home, Noel asked me where the tree-stand was, and I told him, then I hear a “Oh my god, this tree stand sucks… {muttering under his breath}… it’s such a piece of garbage.”  As I hear this, I simply smile at him and say, “Hunny, it works, it’s just fine, if it doesn’t then we can go buy a new one.”  But, of course it worked!  Why?  Cuz I’m a rockstar and I know what I’m talking about folks.  After we put our tree in the stand, I started decorating it.  Kellan and Noel sat on the floor and watched me, and Kellan kept on playing with the silver beads… such helpful boys!  After I wrapped the lights, beads, and our ornaments on the tree, I’d say it is beautiful!  Plus, this is the last year I will get to decorate it and have it just the way I want it, because next year I will have a 20 month old running around and knocking off my beautiful ornaments… oh the things I look forward to.  But seriously it will be funner having a toddler running around jumping on things, he brings me so much joy now and he just pretty much sits there playing with his toys.  I can only imagine what we will do when he can talk and walk by my side, holding my hand {sigh}.

Sunday was spent up at Mission Ridge.  WE HAD A BLAST!!!  My amazing sister-in-law, Leah watched Kellan for us up at her house.  (She lives in Wenatchee Heights, so it was perfect for us, since our direction was that way anyway.)  Noel and I had an entire afternoon to ourselves.  It was fun just talking, sharing a bowl of clam chowder together, and skiing side by side.  Even though Noel is much faster and better than me at skiing, he always stops and waits for me in between when he’s flying down the mountain.  We always rate ourselves since the last time we skied, and when I asked Noel how am I doing now?  He replied with a “5”!  Sweet.  The last time I asked him, he said I was a 2 or 3… so improvement!!!  Noel is like a 8 or 9.  He is a tele-marker skier (or however you say it), and he is fast man!  It’s like a lunge-work-out.  All I see him doing is lunges all the way down, his legs must just be a burnin’, but he loves it.  We have fun just being together, and it is these simple things that make us smile and just “be” with each other.  Boy, I love him.  I love our son, I feel blessed.  Happy.  Safe.  Secure.  Loved.

Then, after we were done skiing, we picked up our lil’ boy and Leah made some pizza dough for her family and offered us some.  I gladly accepted it and on our way home we stopped to get some pizza toppings and came home, made our pizza and I very happily ate 3 slices, with some hot cocoa of course.  Thank you very much.  What a fun day.  It sort of felt out of character to just go skiing, but man was it worth it.

Hope everyone takes the time to just be with your spouse, it feels so good.  So right. 

Enjoy your week my friends!


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