…so I kept on believing.

Christmas time means all sorts of things for everyone.  Gifts.  Love.  Laughter.  God.  Family.  To me, this year is especially tender to my heart because of this little man:

Noel and I usually spend Christmas Eve with his family and then on Christmas Day, we venture over to my parents home for the “Ross” celebration.  Because we now have a little boy, we want to start our own family traditions.  We will still be part of the Mathison and Ross Christmas’ but, Christmas morning we are going to wake up and just have our family of three together.  Waking up together, wearing our PJ’s until noon, eating sweet and yummy treats, taking pictures to remember our first Christmas together as a family of three, and anything else our little hearts desire.  Kellan will not remember his first Christmas, but I will, and I want it to be special.  From this year on, we will always be together for Christmas morning.

My fondest memories were waking up and seeing all the presents underneath my tree.  When did Santa come down the chimney?  Why didn’t I hear him?  Did he eat the cookies we made?  Did he drink all the milk?  Did he get a chance to write us a letter?  Now, knowing that Santa is unfortunately not real, I get to play “Santa” every year for my children.  I love this!  My parents were amazing doing this role, and I hope that Noel and myself can be just that for our babies.  Santa always was quiet, we never heard him, he ate the cookies and drank the milk, plus he always, always, wrote us a letter.  My Mom would read it to us in the morning and although I thought it was rather odd his handwriting was identical to my Dad’s, I didn’t want to “not” believe, so I kept on believing.  I hope and pray that for Kellan and his siblings, Noel and I can be the best “Santa’s” out there!


Now, onto a different matter.  Little boy is now doing this:

and this:

And oh lord, I have prepared myself for this, but have I really?  Yes, I am excited for him to be on the brink of crawling, but what else will it entail?  He is growing up way to quickly, in my opinion, and I have to constantly look at pictures of when he was just a newborn, and remind myself, that we will have more children, more babies I can swoon over, and to be thankful for Kellan in the present moment.  He means everything to me, and I am so grateful to be his Mom.  I have the best gift anyone could wish for, a family, my family.


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