Stars, Santa, Bells, Candy Canes…

Waking up with a headache is no picnic.  Especially with a little babe in the house that I have to care for.  Thankfully it is slowly going away, but it inteferes with my patience level.  This is not a good thing.  Usually mornings are spent sipping my coffee, eating breakfast (in this case, a cherry scone), and playing with my little man.  I found myself saying the word “no no” more… I mean, Mommy’s are not supposed to get sick, and when we do, we have to carry on or daily life as if we are 110%.  Thankfully someone invented tylenol a long time ago, and these two little pills have helped me get through my morning.  I am now headache free!


Yesterday Noel, Kellan and myself were invited over to my inlaws home for a family BBQ and to decorate their Christmas tree.  On Saturday night, we made some sugar cookies (to decorate their tree with) and used all sorts of cookie cutters to best show the “holidays”.  (Stars, Santa, Bells, Candy Canes, Gingerbread men, and of course Apples, were all cut out and sugar glazed on top… ready to be strung up on a tree.)  So, once we got to my inlaws home on Sunday evening, everyone was already out there and ready to put up the homemade ornaments.  No one, however, remembered to put string through the ornaments at home, so the evening was spent eating, chatting, and putting string through all the ornaments, instead of hanging them on the tree.  Woopsy.  But, it was nice seeing everyone anyway.  We usually only see my inlaws once a month, so this was a nice change.  When we were leaving, my mother in law, Pam, brought out a gift for Kellan.  It was a baby “Union” suit.  Oh my gosh, it is darling!  Check it out:

{I just love these buns!}

Thank you Pam, not only did Kellan’s new union sleeper keep him warm all night long, he looks just charming in it too!  I love good finds, and I love recieving good finds as well!


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