He’s on the move!

I believe I forgot to mention that my sweet lil’ boy is now an actual crawler!  I can’t believe it.  Don’t let his size fool you, he is a fast little man!  Last Saturday morning, Noel and I were downstairs playing with him and I grabbed myself a cherry scone and my coffee, then sat down, and set my scone down away from myself & Kellan (lil’ boy loves my scones!) and he looked at it.  Gave that scone a stare down, then he started moving.  Crawling.  Noel and I looked at each other in awe, we couldn’t believe what we were witnessing, but yes he crawled.  We were both smiling from ear to ear, and after Kellan made it to the scone, I scooped him up and kissed him like a million times and Noel leaned over, kissed him too,  and we just sat there staring at our 8 month old baby boy, who is officially a “crawler”.  I am so happy that Noel and I were both there, in that moment, to see our son crawl for the first time.  It was magical.  The best Christmas present yet.  What a big boy we have!  Now, when we both are home we simply yell “He’s on the move!” when he starts moving those little legs, aiming for his next destination.


Since lil’ boy has been crawling, he now bolts it for the tree.  The presents.  The ornaments.  The lights.  Oh and those sweet silver beads I have lovingly draped around our tree.  I don’t mind him playing with them all, it’s just the danger of it.  Swallowing those pine needles, yowzaa.  We have to keep a close eye on him now.  The baby gate is up.  We are embracing this lil’ crawling machine wherever he may go.

I went into the kitchen this morning to do some chores that I do every morning (the dishes), and looked over and he was tearing up his Christmas present from Santa.  Oh my.  Well, at least it wasn’t a present for anyone else.  He had started doing this last night, then continued doing it again this morning (I guess he wanted to get the job done), and that little stinker managed to open up his first Christmas present, 11 days before the 25th… oh lil’ boy!

{exhibit A}

He is pretty proud of himself, and what he can do now.  So I just let him be.  Let him do.  How can you say “no no” to him when he is doing something so B-I-G?  I don’t.  I am a proud momma bear!

{sweet lil’ smile}


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