Tuesday’s 10.

Instead of doing the normal 10 on Tuesday, I’d thought I’d live a little, and do my own edition of a Tuesday’s 10. 

10 things I love at the moment:

1.  Kellan (duh!)

2.  Husbands who take care of their families (yes babe, that means you).

3.  Black & dark purple.

4.  Curled up jeans.

5.  Anything Guess!


6.  Christmas lights around my neighborhood.

7.  Kellan’s bedhead (he finally has enough hair to have this awesome hairstyle).

8.  Nursing.

9.  Trying new recipes for the holidays!

10.  Editing photographs.


10 things I do not love at the moment:

1.  My Christmas tree… we got it to soon (Noel kept on telling me to wait, but I insisted and now, our tree is slowly dying, boo!)

2.  People posting pictures of their food.  Who cares?

3.  Pink.

4.  Fruit flies (they are in my computer room, I don’t know why, but it’s annoying).

5.  Busy, in-a-hurry people in stores.

6.  Laundry.

7.  Trying to decide which camera to invest in (any help out there people, I’d love it!)

8.  My phone.

9.  Vacuuming my home every two days because of animal hair and pine needles.

10.  Drama.


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