I finally got a new phone horray!  After mine being on the fritz for two months or so, I now have a Droid.  I don’t really know how to use it, but because it is my husband’s old phone, he helps me out with it.  I like technology, don’t get me wrong, but all these “home screens” (I have 4 for some god forsaken reason), apps, and everything else, it is too much for me.  I need just a basic phone, but this is working out just fine for me.  FYI: Do not let your babe chew or slobber on your phone, this causes your phone to act up, IE. die.  True story.


Now onto bigger and better things: today is December 22nd, which means two more days until the Christmas festivities start.  Yay!  Although I am starting my cooking/baking tomorrow evening, after we put little K-man to bed, I will be a busy little baker in the kitchen for 3 days straight.  The kitchen is one of my favorite places to be at in my home, so this will be a piece of cake, but I do tend to get a little anxious when cooking or baking new recipes.  Insert:  CAKE POPS!

I have heard horror stories about baking these fun treats, but I am determined to get the job done.  They will be festive of course, green, red, white chocolate, so no worries there, just the entire process of it sounds a little daunting.  Lucky for me, my wonderful husband wants to take part in it, so we will take this challenge on together.  Plus, I need a taste-tester, and he is more than willing to do that for me as well.  We are a good team, I say.

Hope everyone has a beautiful Thursday, cheers to making new fun treats for the holidays!

{my sister & her son along with myself & lil’ Kellan}


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