Photo-dump Ten:

1.  {loving his sugar cookie!}

2.  {little boy & Daddy}

3.  {our dinner table}

4.  {Christmas Eve may-hem}

5.  {our nieces on Christmas Eve}

6.  {big boy breakfast: blueberry pankcakes & bananas}

7.  {Lil’ boy & me}

8.  {Daddy & Kellan opening up presents on Christmas morning}

9.  {happy boy!}

10.  {crawling to Grandpa}


Oh and yesterday when my husband and myself were trying to take our tree apart (taking down ornaments, lights, beads, ect.) I got out my vacumm and started sucking up all those annoying pine needles.  The bag indicated it was full, so I replaced it.  Dead.  Well, the sucking mechanism was dead.  What does this mean you ask?  I got myself a new vacumm!  The hubs and I went down to the mall today and I got to pick out my very own brand spankin new vacumm.  Such joys of being a Mom.  I like my house to be clean, animal-hair free, and this new badass machine is awesome!  And hey, it was only $79.99, booyah!


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