I got a little sneak peek of him.

After the busy-ness of the past few days, it has now slowly tampered down.  I feel good.  I feel like everything is calm and just right.  Then my heart started beating extremely quickly… this is because something spectacular happened!  My good friend, Whitney, and her husband Morgan, had themselves a Christmas Eve gift.  Their beautiful baby boy was born!  His name is Mack and he is just the sweetest.  His soft dark brown hair and his deep blue eyes are mesmerizing.  We went to visit them on Christmas Day at their home, and among the 348 people who were there, I got a little sneak peek of him.  But, because we were due to be at my Mom’s house, we had to leave.  So yesterday I made them a dinner.  Lasagna, garlic bread and some pumpkin spice bread (to accompany the many cups of coffee), and Noel, Kellan and myself drove down to their home and brought them a home-cooked meal.  I love doing things like that for my friends.  I remember, it was not to long ago, when I did not have the time or energy to cook.  So I know, Whit being a brand new Mommy, that eating something tasty will satisfy her tummy and re-energize her for the night.

I did not have time to take a bazillion pictures, like I would have liked to.  I was busy holding that 3-day old baby, duh!  Gimme a break here.  But, they are coming up to our home for New Years Eve, so that will be a perfect photo-op, and I will be doing a lot of clicking and getting some pictures of that handsome boy & my lil’ boy, oh it will be just grand!  I can’t wait.

In the meantime, I went photo-gazing and found some of my sweet lil’ boy during his first 2 weeks of being born… sigh…

I am such a grateful Mommy & wife, our sweet Kellan has brought us so much joy, love, laughter, and anything I could have ever dreamed of.  I can not wait until he is a big brother, and watch the love evolve there as well.  I have plenty of heart to go around.  Kellan will be the best brother in the world, I just know it!


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