9 month

Last Thursday, my little man had his 9 month check up.  It was a good and bad appointment.  Good: he checked out to be a healthy little boy; Bad: he was given two shots in his legs.  Kellan’s stats are now:

-Weight:  21 lbs. 4 oz. (64%)

-Height:  28.5 inches tall (61%)

-Head (around):  17.5 (35%)

Our Doctor was very pleased with his progress, and he is simply thriving.  Growing every single day.  Getting taller.  Babbling more and more.  Crawling around, and he now does a “turbo crawl” and if you watch him from behind his little tooshie looks so cute going back and forth, he just bolts for wherever he wants to go.  Brother is a fast little guy!  And he is now sprouting two top teeth!  He has been quite the cranky-pants yesterday and this morning, but hopefully they will push fully through here in the next few days and his little mouth will feel better again.  Poor guy.  I hate to see him so upset and me, being the Momma bear that I am, want to help him in any way I can.  But unfortunately, I have to just sit back and let “nature” take its course… hurry up nature, geez… teething is a challenge to all your first time Mommy’s out there.  Buy some IB Profin and Tylenol, and you should be good to go!

{Kellan feeding his doggy some treats}

{trying to catch me}

{I love his lips in this picture}

{orange-redish hair???}


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