pictures speak

Let me just say one word: WOW!  A special package arrived in the mail, for yours truly, the excitment started, my heart beating rapidly, I signed for my little brown box, grabbed the scissors and opend ‘er up.  Ahhhhhhh.  One of the best gifts I have ever treated to myself is finally here.  After taking a bazillion pictures with it, trying to figure out the best lighting in my home (in the afternoon where there is hardly any good light), and a little dude who just won’t sit still, I managed to “get” it!  I will let the pictures speak for themselves (no editing to these, just the good ol’ new camera)…











It is now 8:24pm and I must say that after taking 16875 pictures today, I feel a lot more confident in my photo-taking skills than I did even this morning.  This camera will help me become the very best photographer I can be.  Even Noel likes it!  Cheers to you all, goodnight my friends!


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