“Da da”

10 things that keep me smiling:

1)  Kellan Atwood.  He melts my heart every single day.

{check out those teeth!}

2)  My husband, Noel, and all our jokes and languages that we speak.  (For us to know, and you to never find out, sorry!)

3)  Coffee.

4)  Taking pictures and getting better every. single. day.

5)  Road trips.  Anywhere, anytime.

6)  Thinking about our ski trip in Tahoe in just about 3 weeks… no baby.  We’ll see how I do without seeing my little boy for a week.  Or better yet, we shall see how Kellan does.

7)  Shopping & simply browsing.  Even though I usually always end up buying something instead of just perusing around a store… I can’t help myself.

8)  Hearing Kellan say some words, “Da da”, “Bah!” & “Da”… keep ’em coming lil’ boy!  I am so proud of you!!

9)  Having lil’ boy sit in my lap, while I read book after book to him.  He is actually trying to turn the pages now.  Smart little guy!

10)  Noel coming home from work.  This is one of my favorite parts of every day.  I miss him all day, as does Kellan, and when we hear the garage door open, we can’t control ourselves and just smile at one another.  Happy day!

{playing with Daddy & our doggy}



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