After thinking of things to do for Kellan and myself during the week, that we haven’t done before, I thought to myself, “Why not go to the library?”  I mean come on, it involves something I love doing: reading, Kellan might meet a friend or two, I might meet a new Mom friend, and I will have the opportunity to introduce a bazillion books to my little man without paying a single penny.  Sounds like fun right?

{library time…}

So, did we have fun?  You bet your pretty little butt we did!  Kellan crawled in and out of the rows and rows of books, pulling some out, then I checked to make sure there were not a billion words to each book (his attention span wouldn’t last that long), and after putting 10 books onto the check-out desk and slapped down my proud North Central Washington Library card on top of our stack, we were good to go.  Simple.  Easy.  Fun.  Plus, we met a little girl who was 8 months old and Kellan got so excited to see another baby his size.  All his cousins are quite a bit larger than he is, so this was his first encounter with a baby.  A crawler.  She immediately crawled towards Kellan, and he started laughing, smiling, so did I.  It was a beautiful moment.  Her Mom and I began talking, and instantly we had a bond.  I believe that all new Mom’s share this bond.  You can just talk and talk and you know it’s safe and what you are saying, the other Mommy gets it too.  It was an awesome day, to say the least!

{meeting a new friend…}

Plus the librarian is the same woman who I remembered from when I was a little girl and would go to the library and get entrapped into many magical fantasies and play make-believe all by myself.  (My Mom took me there as a child and I remember it vividly.  Always a nice place to go, quiet, and I could read and check-out as many books as I wanted.  Plus, not to brag or anything but I won an award one summer for reading the most books out of the entire city!  Yeah I know, I am a rockstar.  Pshhhhhh.)

Enclosed in my bag of books was a newsletter saying that they have a weekly story time for babies ages 0-36 months every Monday.  I plan on taking my little man there every Monday, or every other Monday, for an outing.  Now I know he enjoys it, we get books, and he plays with other babies.  Win-Win-Win.


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