Life is grand!

This week so far has brought upon my mind into thinking of new things to do.   Or ways that Kellan and myself can keep busy without going stir-crazy during the freezing temperatures outside.  It is known that people get depressed during the winter months.  This being that people are “stuck” indoors, there is hardly any sunlight, and activities are to a minimum.  I have struggled in thinking of ways to keep both Kellan and myself busy.  We have ended up going to the local library two times each week, going for any type of drive around town, and running errands.  My husband suggested we go swimming at our YMCA pool located just ten minutes away from where we live, and that sparked an interest in me.  Yes, we might just go do that sometime here in the next few weeks.  Thanks for the idea babe!  I have found that writing a to-do list helps me.  I like checking things off my list, and doing crafty things or projects always keeps my mind busy, and with Kellan now crawling I can do a lot more of my own projects without having to sit down with him on the floor and entertain him.

Kellan is quite the little crawler.  He is fast!  We went to story time a few days ago at our library, and there was one other little boy (about 11 months old) and two little girls (ages: 13 months and 18 months) and it was interesting to see them all interact with one another.  Kellan is a social butterfly.  I love that.  He wanted off my lap immediately, and started darting towards the other kiddo’s and loved every minute of it.  I am so happy that he has developed into being a little boy who is “Okay without Mommy holding me” 24/7.  The other Mom’s asked me if he has older siblings, thinking this is why he is so social with everyone, but I answered, “No, he just loves to play!”  He does still get stranger anxiety with older folks, but with babies and other Mommies my age, he does just fine.

Life is grand.

{a typical morning for us…}

{sweet tootsies}

{finally getting this sippy cup thing down}

{he’s literally got 1001 different facial expressions, this being one of them}


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