…a shovel and a sled.

The frigid weather, freezing temperatures and snowy weather permit an awesome activity to do with your family: sledding!  This was a fun and sad day for Noel’s immediate family.  His parents beloved dog, Charlie, had passed away and we were going to lay him to rest at one of our locally owned orchards, Camp David.  Since the weather was cold outside and we had about two feet of snow, we thought why not turn a sad event into a happy one and go sledding.  So we brought a shovel and a sled.  Kellan has not been sledding before and we thought it would be a nice way to spend the day.  It was indeed!

{the burial}

{my two favorite boys!}

{our niece, Maya}

{crashed into a tree & still smiling!}

{our niece, Hailey}

{Noel & lil’ boy sledding…}

{cheeks starting to turn pink…}

{our nephew, Eli}

{view on our drive home, just beautiful}

{fell asleep 2.5 seconds later…}


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