Like every weekend, this was no different.  Except one thing happened, that took me by surprise and I am not looking to forward to the days to come without it.  Sunday morning it happened, I went to re-heat my coffee in the microwave (like I do almost 3 times every morning,,, who likes cold coffee?) and took it out to enjoy a warm sip.  It was cold.  The microwave sounded sort of “off” when I stuck it in there but I thought it was nothing.  I tried again.  Coffee still cold.  Oh god.  I use my microwave for many things, many times during the day.  I can not eat food that ‘should be re-heated’ cold, Noel can, I don’t get it, but I need my food piping hot when I eat it.  Doesn’t everyone?  So dammit, no microwave for a day or two.  I am upset.  Noel immediately called the 1-800 number and tried his best to figure out what was wrong with it… but sadly it still fails, and we have to go to our local Sears and look for a new one.  I thought microwaves were like $30, Noel told me, “Umm, they are like $100”.  Awesome.  I don’t mind spending money, but on something like an appliance, I would rather get the cheapest.  All microwaves work the same right?


We are heading to Tahoe this up-coming Friday night.  I am ubber excited, I can’t hardly stand it.  I keep on thinking to myself: sleep, sleep, sleep.  I wish you could bottle sleep.  I have adjusted to my fewer hours of sleep every night, but man, I would love to sleep in until 9am.  It’s funny how I used to sleep in until 1pm only 6 years ago, and now I automatically wake up at around 8:15am every morning.  I’m rambling, sorry… but the excitement I am filled with about our trip is pure joy and I can’t wait!


On a different note, Kellan is crawling up our stairs!  Behold the stair-dominator:

I am super proud of my big boy, although it is getting a little harder to keep on an eye on this moving man of mine, the expression on his face when he gets to the top is priceless.  He is also walking, with help from myself or Noel.  He can walk using a hamper or a “walking toy”.  He stands up and the object starts moving, then his little legs start walking!  He started doing this for us last Friday, and Noel and I both got to watch him do this and there was a lot of praising and excitement from the both of us, Kellan looked at us both, like “What??”  Sweet boy!


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