…lucky lucky lady!!

1.  My little man turned 10 months old yesterday!  I can’t believe it… tear.  In 2 months he will be the big O-N-E!!  I know every mommy feels this way, the past 10 months have gone by a bit to quickly for my taste, but thankfully we are trying to expand on our family, so we will have another wee one in the near future.

2.  Noel drives down to Finley tomorrow.  I am sad to see him go, but luckily he will be gone for only 2 days.  I miss him when he’s gone.  Not that I miss his help with Kellan, but I just miss him.

3.  Our vegetable seeds and flower seeds have arrived.  I am ecstatic to begin our very own garden.  I don’t know what I’m doing, because this is the first year I will actually have a garden.  A garden I need to sow, organize in rows, organize the seeds, lay down the tiles (for my aisle-ways), plant, watch grow, and then consume.  Noel is very excited to have our garden, I am too, I just feel like a dummy when it comes to growing things outside.  I do well with my plants indoors, and the flowers we get every year and plant in our planter, I do keep alive… but veggies?  Hmmmm, we shall see.

4.  Day three of not being able to use our microwave.  I do not like this.  I do not like this at all.  Our new microwave is coming on Friday, and being installed in our wall (above our range), because neither Noel or myself knows about taking microwaves out that are mounted into either the wall or the hood of the range.  Even writing it is to complex for me.  We are masters at a lot of different things, but we are not appliance savvy, at least when it comes to that damn microwave.

5.  Kellan and I love going to the library every Monday for storytime.  He has a ball!  Playing with the other babies, crawling all around, babbling, listening to the librarian read books.  We even learned a Russian hand-song-dance tune that we can now sing at home.  We showed Noel last night at dinner and Kellan’s eyes lit right up.  He knows it already!

{I would just like to note that these four pictures were taken with my old camera… notice the tint in color, the blurred little babies, the focus is off…}

6.  Our snow is melting rather quickly up at our home.  We still have a little less than a foot, but it is melting.  All the streets in town are covered in a brown-dirty snow.  It’s just nasty.  I wonder if we will indeed have an early Spring this year?

7.  Today is laundry day… yippy!  Not.  Although I love having clean clothes for our family of three, I do not like the folding part.  Sticking the clothes in the washer is fun, but then when I have to transfer the wet clothes to the drier, I know what the next step is… folding.  I don’t know anyone who likes to fold clothes.  I know people who just stick their dried clean clothes in a hamper, and then pick out clothes during the week to wear.  But then they are wrinkled?  And I don’t like wrinkly clothes.  To each his own.

8.  Drinking a sugar free Rockstar.  Love them!

9.  Obsessed with grapefruit right now.  I love the bitterness of it.  The juicy sour taste.  Yes, I do put splenda on mine so it’s not all that potent in sourness, but man do I love this fruit!

10.  Tomorrow is February 1st, whaaaaaat?  The year is already going by pretty quickly.  But we have two birthdays to celebrate in February, so I look forward to that.  My beautiful Mother’s birthday is on the 11th and my Grandma Jane (in law) has a birthday on the 22nd.  Plus it’s the month of Valentine’s day, and who doesn’t love that holiday?  Especially when you have someone to share it with.  My amazing husband always treats me to a nice dinner, candies and of course flowers…. I wonder where he will take me out this year??  God, I love him!  Even if we didn’t do anything, it’s just nice to share that love with someone.  Someone that is my best friend, someone I married 2 years ago, someone who “gets” me, someone that genuinely would do anything for me.  He is truly a wonderful man.  I am a lucky lucky lady!!  Plus he is such a doting Daddy to our little boy, and that makes me love him even more.

{story time with Daddy}


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