I won!

Last week was a bit of a dragger, in my opinion.  Kellan and I did stay busy, whether it be running simple errands, canning 12 jars of applesauce (don’t forget all the peeling, coring, and slicing that accompanies this project), going for our walks around our neighborhood, and a trip to our local library.  Noel had to travel down to Finley twice last week, which meant basically four days without him.  Lord how we miss him when he is gone.  Sure I miss his help also, but Kellan and I sort of look at each other like, “Well, what do we do now?”  I am glad that he came home on Thursday evening, and has been home every day and night since then.


Friday was a busy day for me.  Lil’ boy and I went to a ladies luncheon at my mother in law’s home.  It was lovely.  As soon as we walked through her doors, I could smell something amazing cooking.  (She is a fabulous cook!)  I got excited as to what we were going to eat for our soup & sandwich combo.  It was french onion soup and roast beef sandwiches with a blue cheese spread and some romaine lettuce.  Just right!  I ate three sandwiches (halves people, not whole, I’m not that much of a piglet), and two bowls of the soup.  Kellan LOVED the soup!  He couldn’t get it fast enough.  My two sister in laws came out, grandma (in law), Pam (the hostess) and of course lil’ boy and myself were all in attendance.  We always have such a beautiful time, just chatting about anything and everything, watching Kellan (eat, play, stand alone & attempt to walk), and laugh.  Pam decided that we should have a ladies luncheon once a month, and rotate who has everyone over to their home.  Yes please!  Although we all live in the same town, it seems like I only get to see them once a month.  So, just seeing the ladies for one extra day and chatting, smiling and giggling about our latest “mommy stories” is something I would of course love to be part of!  Good idea Pam!


This weekend we had a lot going on.  I love that.  Noel used to dread me planning things during our weekend, but now I think he appreciates it.  We always have something to do.  Our local hockey team is called the Wenatchee Wild.  Noel and I had ourselves season tickets last year, but due to our brand new baby boy, we thought we had better skip that for his first year.  However, on Saturday morning, my friend and Wild announcer Jeremy Anders, posted that he was giving away two free tickets to Saturday night’s game.  I immediately entered the drawing, and guess what?  I won!  I never win anything.  Noel was a little apprehensive as to what Kellan would do (since game time is at 7:05pm, and his bed time is around 7:30pm).  It was tough getting out the door, and I saw Noel’s face get a little scrunched up, he was nervous I could tell.  Then we arrived at the rink, Kellan was asleep and we both looked at each other.  What do we do?  Go home and miss this golden opportunity?  Or, get Kellan up out of his carseat, brave the cold, and see what he will do?  There was no question, Noel and I looked at each other and said, okay let’s go!  So, we made it to the game, we stayed for almost the entire game (we left with 10 minutes to go in the 3rd period) and Kellan didn’t complain once!  It was a fabulous evening, and yet again, we proved to ourselves, hey we can do this.


Kellan is learning how to share.  Because he is the only child right now, this has been something I have wanted Kellan to know how to do.  I try not to spoil him, I try to let him be as independent as possible, but sharing is something that I find to be very important.  And I think we are doing a pretty good job at it too…

{Exhibit a, b, c, d & e}

Now, when he shares Noel and I are so eager and ready to say “Good share!”


One of my good friends, Jami, threw her daughter, Kiana, a birthday party on Sunday.  Kiana’s actual birthday was on the 22nd, but we celebrated with a blowout regardless the day.  Jami is an amazing Mommy.  She always has huge birthday parties, with food platters, balloons, decoraions, themes, the works!  This party was a Hawaii theme so we ventured down to one our local hotels, and experience the water while it snowed outside.  Noel swam in the pool with lil’ boy, Kellan is such a little water guppie, and then we got out, ate some pizza & cupcakes, watched Kiana open up all her presents, and sang the good ol’ Happy Birthday song. It was such a nice party, and I am thankful to have such good friends in my life who are amazing parents.  Well done Jami, well done!

{yes, it was a FULL pool!}

{the birthday girl}

{Jami’s other daughter & husband with my lil’ boy & Noel… yes they are kissing}

{lil’ boy looking all shocked by his little smoocheroo}

We had a beautiful weekend, just like every weekend!  Here’s to having a good week my friends!!


true blue

1. Have you watched “Bethenny Ever After…” before? If not, please watch her show! Her sense of humor is ideal. She makes me laugh when she simply talks. And her sense of humor cracks me up! Watch her show, you won’t be disappointed.
2. Little boy is getting really close to walking. Coming soon to a theater near you… Or computer near you…
3. Noel drove to Finley yesterday afternoon and stayed the night down there… Meanwhile I had a quiet “mommy” night. Read some of my Bristol Palin book, watched a little reality TV, then hit the sack.  Yeah I’m pretty wild & crazy.
4. I am in need of a manicure… Not the fake nails, just a good ‘ol cuticle and nail trim.
5. Got to have a nice visit with my sister, brother in law, niece and nephew this last weekend. I just love seeing them!!

{playing hide & seek}{all three… hard to get one of them being still… this is actually a really good one!!}

{spent 30 minutes organizing the beverage fridge… love them!}

{bathtime at Nana’s}
 6. Got to escape with my sis to go tanning and a trip to Target while our babes took a nap. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!!
7. We ate all of our canned applesauce that was stored for our freezing winter months…(a whopping 9 jars… I guess that’s not a whole lot, next year I plan on doubling at least, if not tripling) so, lil’ boy and I are going to make some more applesauce here either today or in the next couple of days… Round 2 here we come!
8. The atmosphere feels different without Noel. Yes, I do see my husband every day, but even a day apart feels odd. I talk to him multiple times every day, whether it be by text or the good ol’ talking, but seeing him is different then talking to him via phone. Every married couple knows what I am talking about.  It’s just a feeling.  I miss him.
9. Do you like blue eyes or green? Or brown? Hazel? Caramel? Anyone?? My husband has these amazing blues, and I have greenish blues, depending on the color of shirt I’m wearing. But it still sparks my curiosity as to what Kellan’s eyes will be. My parents have a blue and golden glaze eye color, and Noel’s parents have a blue and blue-green eye color… So I always wonder if Kellan’s beautiful eye color is here to stay… I hope and I pray. I love baby blues, so I hope that my lil’ boys eyes are a true blue, through and through.
10. Can’t wait for Noel to come home tonight… I am making a homemade lasagna paired with some garlic bread, cottage cheese and corn.  Yummo!  Hurry home babe!!

I feel alive.

Feeling alive and being alive seem similar, but are completely and utterly different.  I feel alive today.  I have things going on (laundry, changing sheets on beds, trying to soothe Kellan), and in anticipation of tonight (a dinner and movie date) I feel excitement.  Yes, we all are alive, but do you live each day in the moment.  In the time being.  I am finding it harder and harder to pass the days up at our home, meaning things to do for Kellan and myself.  We try to meet up with friends once a week, go to the library each week for story time and playtime with his friends and my Mommy friends, but I am looking forward to spring time here in the Wenatchee valley.  I thought we were done with snow, and then it snowed yesterday, this morning, I mean what is going on?  I love winter, it is my favorite season (by far), but now that I have a wee babe, it is challenging to find fun and exciting things for us to do (or be a part of).

Kellan makes me feel alive, each and every day.  Not every day has unicorns prancing around or rainbows lighting up our sky, but I am finding myself smiling every day, more and more because of my little boy.  How boring it was a year ago, just slowly moving around the house, trying to find things to do.  Now, I have a million projects to do and chores to do around the house, and I can never manage to find enough time to fit it all in.  You physically can’t.  This is why every day, I have goals set for myself, cleaning projects are now spread out through the week (instead of one-big-cleaning-day-all-day-extravaganza), I am trying to find artsy projects that I can do with Kellan (finger painting), and I am always eager to do an at home project for lil’ boy.  I want to make learning tools for him, such as different colored letters on magnets and somehow building a magnetic board that he will eventually be able to spell out words, use them as a counting tool, or putting all the different colors in groups.  Any ideas??

My husband offered to watch Kellan tonight so my Mom and myself can go out to dinner and go out to the movies… hello Fuji Yama & The Descendants… and I am so thankful for him.  He is my other half, my rock, my best friend, I seriously don’t know what I would do without him.  Dang, I sure do love that man!  He is another reason that keeps me feeling alive.  His kiss in the morning before he goes to work, his texts throughout the day just wondering what me and Kellan are up to, and the “look” he gives me which translates to “Babe, I love you!” gets me every time.  No words are needed, just the “look” and I know everything is okay.

I feel very blessed to be where I am in my life right now.  I feel alive.

our view at Tahoe, take three…

Please read Lake Tahoe, this and lastly this, before reading and viewing this page… just a suggestion for you, my dear friends.

Our last official day in Tahoe, we spent the entire day up at Sierra Ski Resort and had a fabulous time!  Sore legs, butts, and arms… but definately worth it!  This is a peek into our day…

On our drive home, Josh and Carly decided we should book our trip next year to Whistler, Canada.  Oh man, we booked that bad boy!  And just think, in 10 months from now, we will have ourselves another ski-winter-vacay!  (This time we will bring our babies though, and make it an entire family affair.)  Cheers my friends!!

our view at Tahoe, take two…

If you haven’t read Lake Tahoe, I suggest you do.  It’s insightful as to what we were up to during our winter vacation.  Also, check out our view at Tahoe, take one…

Noel and myself did manage to take a bunch of pictures, but after the editing and deleting of the blurry or “not usable” photo’s, I ended up with a lot fewer than I had wanted.  Some of the best photos during our second day…

Stay tuned for our view at Tahoe, take three…

our view at Tahoe, take one…

Pretty much an amazing vacation I had with my husband, sis and brother in law… not to mention, my older brother, Alex and his girlfriend Christine drove to Lake Tahoe as well and stayed with us at the condo for a few days.  My oh my, it was a beautiful thing.  This was our view at Tahoe, take one…

Stay tuned for our view at Tahoe, take two…

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!  Oh my sweet Mother, what to say about her… so many wonderful things, so many adventures we have gone on together, so many years of my life she has been my role-model, so many “I love you’s”… I can talk about this lady forever.   Seriously.  She is my best friend, she is beautiful, she is amazing, she is the best Mom a daughter could have, she actually listens, she makes me laugh everytime I talk to her, what would I do without her?  I only hope that I am to Kellan to what she was/is for me.

{She was there for the arrival of my sister’s first baby, Jackson Ace… circa 8/1/2008}

{She always makes the best food for Christmas… circa 12/25/2008}

{She sets time aside to play with her grandbabies… circa 5/17/2009}

{She helped put my veil on, on my wedding day… circa 5/22/2010}

{She let a few tears fall down her cheek, knowing and trusting in me that I found my prince… circa 5/22/2010}

{She gave birth to five children… circa 05/22/2010}

{She spends quality time with each of her children… circa 8/27/2010}

{& each of her grandchildren… circa 12/22/2010 & 4/21/2011}

{She holds onto Kellan ever-so-tightly when we are watching a hockey game… circa 8/28/2011}

{She sits down on the floor with Kellan and is content in just the moment… circa 1/8/2012}

My Mother has been nurturing to myself and my siblings, she has taught us right from wrong, she has impeccable taste in clothes and decorating, and let me tell you what… she makes the most amazing spreads of foods you could imagine.  I love you Mom, you are truly an inspirational woman and I am so proud to be your daughter!!