Lake Tahoe.

Carly is asleep next to me, Josh is sitting in front of me being the co-pilot and Noel is driving us back to Wenatchee from Lake Tahoe. The day is Thursday, the time is 3:01pm, the music is Katy Perry and we are pretty much rocking out. The bass is thumping, we are drinking energy drinks, and having a beautiful last day of our vacation. We left Tahoe this morning at around 11am, and the estimated time of arrival back to our home is around 1:03am. What a long day in the car. But you know something, when you are in good company, and by good, I mean fab people, people I love dearly, it makes the drive seem like a piece of cake. It is not very often that I get the chance to visit and chat with my sister and brother in law, so this trip has been quite peaceful yet extremely eventful. A perfect combo.

I can’t think of anyone else I would rather spend a vacay with. My husband and myself are very close with my sis and her hubby, so it is just natural for us to take vacations together. Not to mention we both have babies, are compatible, and just “click”… It makes sense, right? We left our home last Friday night at around 10pm, and arrived in Tahoe at precisely 12:11pm on Saturday afternoon. I can’t believe the past couple of days have gone by so quickly and our vacation is coming to an end. It seems like we just got there, but isn’t every good vacation like that? Mine always are.

We are just so delighted to have gone on this trip, as a couple, with no babies. But, let me tell you what, I miss my little Kellan boy so much I can hardly stand it. Before this trip, I had never spent more than a few hours away from him. And going from that to six whole days, it hit me hard last night that I am so in love with my little boy. He just makes everything feel right, everything is calm, everything is just fine. I can not wait to see him. As soon as we wake up tomorrow morning, we are driving up to my sister in laws house and picking him up!

But, lets back track a little bit shall we? My brother, Alex and his girlfriend, Christine, live in Santa Cara and they drove to Tahoe to spend a few days with us. That was awesome! We went out to dinner with them one night, and for Superbowl Sunday we made cheeseburgers, brats, Carly made an awesome dip, and we just hung out all night at our condo. On Monday, Alex and Christine drove back to their apartment, and the four of us (Noel, Josh, Carly, and myself) went skiing up at Sierra Ski Resort.

On Tuesday we went gambling! And let me tell you something, I am quite the little gambler! I have never gambled before and I sat down at the black jack table, watched a few hands, then I put my $20 bill down on the table and began. I won some good money too. Thanks to my math skills… You know what I’m sayin??? I also played some slots and won $6, oh yeah! We went to dinner at a place called Fire and Ice, it was a Mongolian style place. We all loved it! Plus they had my virgin strawberry daquiri’s, and you bet your cute little butt, I had myself one! I love those sweet sugary frozen drinks!!! Who doesn’t love them?

Wednesday was filled with another day of skiing up at Sierra Resort. It was a beautiful day! We went from 10am to 4pm, and let me just say that we had the most fun, all four of us just tearing it up on that mountain. I’m surprised we didn’t get sponsored, geesh. I made some sandwiches for our lunch, and we ordered a plate of nachos and sat outside and enjoyed the hot sun just beating down on us. The sun was so hot that it actually melted a lot of the snow at the base of the mountain and turned it into slush, and if you are a skier you know this is not a good thing. When you hit the slush on your ski’s you just about biff it and fall face forward and hit your face in the snow. It literally stops you in your tracks, no matter how fast you are going. But besides that, the mountain was perfect. We even went down some small and medium size parks with jumps. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!! We got some sweet air too.

This concludes our trip. I have too many stories to tell, some day I might venture back to my Tahoe trip and tell some more, but for the time being, I am done. “Locked door!” We woke up this morning, got ready for the day, packed up our million bags we brought and hit the road Jack! Until tomorrow my friends, Totes McGotes!!

(This was written on our drive home from Lake Tahoe on Thursday, February 9th, 2012. I have about a billion pictures to upload onto my computer at my house, I will share them on Monday… This weekend will be devoted to spending time with my sweet baby boy and my amazing husband.)

“Latress on the menjay!”


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