Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!  Oh my sweet Mother, what to say about her… so many wonderful things, so many adventures we have gone on together, so many years of my life she has been my role-model, so many “I love you’s”… I can talk about this lady forever.   Seriously.  She is my best friend, she is beautiful, she is amazing, she is the best Mom a daughter could have, she actually listens, she makes me laugh everytime I talk to her, what would I do without her?  I only hope that I am to Kellan to what she was/is for me.

{She was there for the arrival of my sister’s first baby, Jackson Ace… circa 8/1/2008}

{She always makes the best food for Christmas… circa 12/25/2008}

{She sets time aside to play with her grandbabies… circa 5/17/2009}

{She helped put my veil on, on my wedding day… circa 5/22/2010}

{She let a few tears fall down her cheek, knowing and trusting in me that I found my prince… circa 5/22/2010}

{She gave birth to five children… circa 05/22/2010}

{She spends quality time with each of her children… circa 8/27/2010}

{& each of her grandchildren… circa 12/22/2010 & 4/21/2011}

{She holds onto Kellan ever-so-tightly when we are watching a hockey game… circa 8/28/2011}

{She sits down on the floor with Kellan and is content in just the moment… circa 1/8/2012}

My Mother has been nurturing to myself and my siblings, she has taught us right from wrong, she has impeccable taste in clothes and decorating, and let me tell you what… she makes the most amazing spreads of foods you could imagine.  I love you Mom, you are truly an inspirational woman and I am so proud to be your daughter!!


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