true blue

1. Have you watched “Bethenny Ever After…” before? If not, please watch her show! Her sense of humor is ideal. She makes me laugh when she simply talks. And her sense of humor cracks me up! Watch her show, you won’t be disappointed.
2. Little boy is getting really close to walking. Coming soon to a theater near you… Or computer near you…
3. Noel drove to Finley yesterday afternoon and stayed the night down there… Meanwhile I had a quiet “mommy” night. Read some of my Bristol Palin book, watched a little reality TV, then hit the sack.  Yeah I’m pretty wild & crazy.
4. I am in need of a manicure… Not the fake nails, just a good ‘ol cuticle and nail trim.
5. Got to have a nice visit with my sister, brother in law, niece and nephew this last weekend. I just love seeing them!!

{playing hide & seek}{all three… hard to get one of them being still… this is actually a really good one!!}

{spent 30 minutes organizing the beverage fridge… love them!}

{bathtime at Nana’s}
 6. Got to escape with my sis to go tanning and a trip to Target while our babes took a nap. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!!
7. We ate all of our canned applesauce that was stored for our freezing winter months…(a whopping 9 jars… I guess that’s not a whole lot, next year I plan on doubling at least, if not tripling) so, lil’ boy and I are going to make some more applesauce here either today or in the next couple of days… Round 2 here we come!
8. The atmosphere feels different without Noel. Yes, I do see my husband every day, but even a day apart feels odd. I talk to him multiple times every day, whether it be by text or the good ol’ talking, but seeing him is different then talking to him via phone. Every married couple knows what I am talking about.  It’s just a feeling.  I miss him.
9. Do you like blue eyes or green? Or brown? Hazel? Caramel? Anyone?? My husband has these amazing blues, and I have greenish blues, depending on the color of shirt I’m wearing. But it still sparks my curiosity as to what Kellan’s eyes will be. My parents have a blue and golden glaze eye color, and Noel’s parents have a blue and blue-green eye color… So I always wonder if Kellan’s beautiful eye color is here to stay… I hope and I pray. I love baby blues, so I hope that my lil’ boys eyes are a true blue, through and through.
10. Can’t wait for Noel to come home tonight… I am making a homemade lasagna paired with some garlic bread, cottage cheese and corn.  Yummo!  Hurry home babe!!


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