“…I got this!”

1.  My sweet lil’ boy took about 8 steps this morning!  For the past week, he has been taking maybe one step or two steps every other day.  But he sure was determined today!  He does use his walker to help him get around, and I think this has increased his confidence because when he let go of the walker and started moving those little legs… I just gasped and watched him… then counted… 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8!  Then I smiled, screamed with joy and laughed.  I actually was out of breath by the excitement, and Kellan looked up at me, like “What Mom?  I got this!”  I am so proud!!

2.  I have been constantly freezing every day for the past week.  Goosebumps are never-ending… I don’t know what the deal is.  I turned up our heat and still no change… hmmmm,  something weird is going on here.

3.  Kellan is going to turn the big ONE on this upcoming Friday, March 30th, 2012!!!  I can’t believe it has already been a whole year.  We have seen him grow so much, I can only imagine what this next year will bring us.  I am sure plenty of memories.

4.  The weather here in our valley has been blah.  It has snowed maybe four times within the past two weeks, other days it is sunny and beautiful, then some mornings it will rain and be overcast for the entire day.  Not quite sure about what is going on, but I am anxious for Spring and the sunny days that will follow.

5.  We have started on our garden.  Oh yeah!  Noel wanted to get a rotavator, so I bucked down and agreed.  This comes in handy!  He has rotavated our garden area two times now, and he is in the process of making our five garden beds.  He has completed three, which is enough to get me going on planting some of the seeds that are needing to be planted in April.  The other half follows in May, so until then, we have some work to do.  I haven’t taken any pictures of our progress, shame on me, but I will and show you all the progress my husband has been making.  I am excited!  Excited to eat all the fresh, yummy and healthy vegetables and fruits we are going to be growing this year.

6.  Little boy is stirring, the rest will have to wait till later… (time is currently 12:27pm)…

7.  (This is now later… time is currently 3:22pm)… I am exhausted.

8.  We drove into town because I was craving a frapita… it did itself justice.

9.  Does anyone know when the Wenatchee Farmer’s Market opens back up?

10.  For the past four work days, Noel and his crew have been digging up their nursery trees and getting them ready to send off to their proud new owners.  (But they are keeping a lot of them, and just re-planting them at a different orchard.)  He has been leaving our house at maybe 6 or 7am and getting home at 6pm.  Thankfully yesterday was the last of those until late April.  He is such a hard worker.  I commend him for doing this type of labor.  His job and my job are both so exhausting, tiring, physically draining and just plain wears you out.  When he comes home, all he wants to do is eat and go to sleep.  Amen.  I love you babe & all the hard work you do!!

{I promise more pictures tomorrow… we have been extremely busy today…}


I do not hoard, okay?

About two weeks ago, my husband opened up our cupboards and was like, “Seriously babe?  Look at all the food you have in your cupboards!  You have to push the food aside to get to the food in the back.”  I just smiled and thought to myself, “Well, what if something happens and we can’t go to the grocery store?  You would be thanking me…”  But, yeah, I get it.  I stock up.  I do not hoard, okay?  I collect.  Noel laughs when I say that I collect, but it’s true.  If I were a true hoarder, there would be piles and mounds of food just sitting on my counters.  You do not see this when you come over to my house, so I believe in my heart that I simply collect.  Noel challenged me to not buy groceries for a week, and see if I could make us meals at home for seven days with the food we’ve got in our home.  Let me tell you what, I accepted that challenge.  I am no chef, but I can whip up some pretty tasty meals and desserts with what I’ve got folks!

Today is day four and I have not heard one complain from Noel.  On Sunday I made:  Fried chicken with homemade JoJo’s and canned pears.  On Monday I made:  Chicken Parmesan with fettuccine noodles, a parmesan romano cheese marinera sauce, canned peaches and cottage cheese.  On Tuesday I made:  Oven fried chicken, corn, canned pears and a white cheddar shell pasta side.  Tonight I am going to make Grilled chicken, couscous, peas and cottage cheese.  They are not “to die for” meals, but hey, I am making what we have at home work.  Not to mention we saved over $100 in our grocery bill for the week.  Thank you very much!  So babe, we might be doing this more often, when my “collecting” starts to add up again.


It was nice the other evening, so we went outside and played in the front yard.  Kellan does not like grass.  It’s either to pokey, to hard, to itchy… I am not sure, but he waved his hands in the air like a little bird.  Sweet sweet boy!

Happy Wednesday my friends!!!

I yelled, screamed, hollered, clapped…

Last night was such a memorable night.  Noel’s brother, Curt, was being inducted into the WAHA (Wenatchee Amateur Hockey Association) hall of fame.  To word this correctly, Curt’s entire team was inducted into the hall of fame.  Curt played on a Midget hockey team (ages 16-18) during the year 1998; his team made it to State then on to Regionals.  They had only lost one game their entire season.  This has never been done in the history of hockey in our town, Wenatchee.  To make it even more special, the Wenatchee Wild (our local NAHL hockey team) honored the 1998 team and wore replica’s of their jersey’s for last night’s game.  Black & Green baby!  It was awesome!!  I still think the Wild should have been the Blades, but whatever.  My opinion doesn’t matter, that much anyway.  The Wild ended up winning the game 4-1 over the Dawson Creek and it was a night I will always remember.  My entire “in-law” family was in attendance.  I yelled, screamed, hollered, clapped, anything and everything to make noise for my brother-in-law.  I am proud!  I love hockey!  & this was simply amazing.

{the 1998 team watching a video down memory lane…}

{paparazzi were there to snap some photographs…}

Way to go Curt!  Way to go Blades!  Wenatchee will always remain in my heart a Blades team… & I’ve got the memorabilia to prove it.


I enjoy writing.

This March Photo Challenge was fun at first, then it became more of a nuisance.  I enjoy writing.  I enjoy actually “blogging”.  I miss writing and talking and explaining every little detail of my days.  I think the challenge is not really my style, so I am choosing to share with you the remainder of the photos that I have gotten (yes, I am aware of the fact that you are supposed to take a-photo-a-day, and that is in fact the challenge, but I did not do it that way… cheater perhaps?  I don’t know, but that is how I chose to do this “challenge”).

Day 17- Green

Day 18- A corner of your home

Day 19- Funny (do not have)

Day 20- Before & after

Day 21- Delicious (do not have)

Day 22- Kitchen sink

Day 23- Moon

Day 24- An animal

Day 25- Breakfast

Day 26- Key

Day 27- Your name

Day 28- Trash

Day 29- Feet

Day 30- Toy

Day 31- Where you relax


There ya go my friends.  It is hard for me to finish something that I do not feel good about.  And I did not “feel” this March challenge.  I shall write a sweet blog or two for you here soon… until then, have a beautiful Friday and a fabulous weekend!!