I enjoy writing.

This March Photo Challenge was fun at first, then it became more of a nuisance.  I enjoy writing.  I enjoy actually “blogging”.  I miss writing and talking and explaining every little detail of my days.  I think the challenge is not really my style, so I am choosing to share with you the remainder of the photos that I have gotten (yes, I am aware of the fact that you are supposed to take a-photo-a-day, and that is in fact the challenge, but I did not do it that way… cheater perhaps?  I don’t know, but that is how I chose to do this “challenge”).

Day 17- Green

Day 18- A corner of your home

Day 19- Funny (do not have)

Day 20- Before & after

Day 21- Delicious (do not have)

Day 22- Kitchen sink

Day 23- Moon

Day 24- An animal

Day 25- Breakfast

Day 26- Key

Day 27- Your name

Day 28- Trash

Day 29- Feet

Day 30- Toy

Day 31- Where you relax


There ya go my friends.  It is hard for me to finish something that I do not feel good about.  And I did not “feel” this March challenge.  I shall write a sweet blog or two for you here soon… until then, have a beautiful Friday and a fabulous weekend!!


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