I yelled, screamed, hollered, clapped…

Last night was such a memorable night.  Noel’s brother, Curt, was being inducted into the WAHA (Wenatchee Amateur Hockey Association) hall of fame.  To word this correctly, Curt’s entire team was inducted into the hall of fame.  Curt played on a Midget hockey team (ages 16-18) during the year 1998; his team made it to State then on to Regionals.  They had only lost one game their entire season.  This has never been done in the history of hockey in our town, Wenatchee.  To make it even more special, the Wenatchee Wild (our local NAHL hockey team) honored the 1998 team and wore replica’s of their jersey’s for last night’s game.  Black & Green baby!  It was awesome!!  I still think the Wild should have been the Blades, but whatever.  My opinion doesn’t matter, that much anyway.  The Wild ended up winning the game 4-1 over the Dawson Creek and it was a night I will always remember.  My entire “in-law” family was in attendance.  I yelled, screamed, hollered, clapped, anything and everything to make noise for my brother-in-law.  I am proud!  I love hockey!  & this was simply amazing.

{the 1998 team watching a video down memory lane…}

{paparazzi were there to snap some photographs…}

Way to go Curt!  Way to go Blades!  Wenatchee will always remain in my heart a Blades team… & I’ve got the memorabilia to prove it.



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