I do not hoard, okay?

About two weeks ago, my husband opened up our cupboards and was like, “Seriously babe?  Look at all the food you have in your cupboards!  You have to push the food aside to get to the food in the back.”  I just smiled and thought to myself, “Well, what if something happens and we can’t go to the grocery store?  You would be thanking me…”  But, yeah, I get it.  I stock up.  I do not hoard, okay?  I collect.  Noel laughs when I say that I collect, but it’s true.  If I were a true hoarder, there would be piles and mounds of food just sitting on my counters.  You do not see this when you come over to my house, so I believe in my heart that I simply collect.  Noel challenged me to not buy groceries for a week, and see if I could make us meals at home for seven days with the food we’ve got in our home.  Let me tell you what, I accepted that challenge.  I am no chef, but I can whip up some pretty tasty meals and desserts with what I’ve got folks!

Today is day four and I have not heard one complain from Noel.  On Sunday I made:  Fried chicken with homemade JoJo’s and canned pears.  On Monday I made:  Chicken Parmesan with fettuccine noodles, a parmesan romano cheese marinera sauce, canned peaches and cottage cheese.  On Tuesday I made:  Oven fried chicken, corn, canned pears and a white cheddar shell pasta side.  Tonight I am going to make Grilled chicken, couscous, peas and cottage cheese.  They are not “to die for” meals, but hey, I am making what we have at home work.  Not to mention we saved over $100 in our grocery bill for the week.  Thank you very much!  So babe, we might be doing this more often, when my “collecting” starts to add up again.


It was nice the other evening, so we went outside and played in the front yard.  Kellan does not like grass.  It’s either to pokey, to hard, to itchy… I am not sure, but he waved his hands in the air like a little bird.  Sweet sweet boy!

Happy Wednesday my friends!!!


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