funnel cakes, gyros, or caramel apples.

I love Apple Blossom!  Not only the weeks leading up to the three-week festivities but all the commotion that it brings to our town.  If you don’t live here, Apple Blossom time is named this because of all the beautiful blossoms you see everywhere in our valley.  The pear blossom, cherry, literally any type of blossom is blooming and it is a sight to see.  We have an Apple Blossom royalty (one queen and two princesses), a parade (only for the children called the Kiddie Parade), the grande parade (adults, floats, this is a HUGE parade), food fair, arts and crafts fair, a carnival with rides & games, plus a miniature train that takes kiddies on rides.  This year we are hitting that up, because we have a little boy who loves trains!

Last night the food fair was open for customers.  I bet everyone and their brother were down there munching on funnel cakes, gyros, or caramel apples.  I can not wait to go.  Plus I am pregnant this year, so my cravings are in full force people!  Now don’t get me wrong, I have been eating healthy, but this is a once a year occasion and you bet your cute little tooshie I will be eating a caramel apple and probably some oriental food!  Booyah!  Kellan will get to smell all the yummy foods and we will taste lots.  I am a foodie, love it, love the smells, love cooking, love everything about food!  Can’t wait to take my lil’ boy and the hubby down there for a nice treat tomorrow.

Enjoy Apple Blossom my fellow Wenatcheeians… go get your banana dipped in chocolate, cotton candy, and deep-fried onion rings!  Oh yeah!

{We attended a birthday party last Sunday.  Noel’s Dad turned 58 years old… he asked to the group of us “What’s so great about turning 58?  I’ll  have to think about that for a while.”  I immediately looked at him and replied, “You get to be blessed with more grandbabies Dave.”  He looked right back at me, dead in the eyes and said “Good one Katie June, good one!”}


sister-sister bond

My little family drove to Cheney for the weekend to visit my sister and her family.  I loved every second of it.  It always goes by way to fast.  But you know what?  The time I spend with my sister, no one can take that away from me, and she means so much to me.  Nothing compares to a sister-sister bond!  Love you sis!!

Photographs will follow… enjoy my friends.

We do not take road trips to Cheney often, and sadly this was only the first one this year… but by being with my sister, and having Kellan play with his two big cousins, it was well worth it.  I think we will be taking more trips to Cheney in the near future for sure!

Plus it always smells like home.

Woke up this morning, realizing that I let another day go by without writing.  Not only does writing clear my mind, but it gives me my own time.  I have the freedom to express my feelings however I chose to do.  I am in need of some venting, some happy thoughts will surface, I just know it… ahh yes, last Sunday!!!

We have been having a pretty eventful week so far.  Sunday was spent over at my parents house for a BBQ.  I love going to my parents home.  I feel like a kid again, I get kissed and hugged as soon as I walk in the front door.  They see Kellan and wanna grab him out of my arms.  They see Noel and ask, “So what do you think of the Cup so far?”  I just love it over there.  Plus Kellan always get to see his two Uncles.  They dote on him and always rub the top of his head with a soft sweep, and now that Kellan can walk, he always wants to go in their rooms and just hang out with them.  Plus it always smells like home.  I grew up with that smell and I love it.  I just feel so at peace and calm at their house.  But yes, we had a wonderful BBQ.  My Dad makes the best chicken on the Q, lets it slowly marinate, sprinkles some Johnny salt on those thighs and lets them cook.  Slowly and tenderly and after 30 minutes or so, he takes them off, leaving the fresh smell of a cooked BBQ for others to take a whiff of, grabs the plate of chicken and into the house they go.  Mom made her famous broccoli and brussel sprouts in the oven, a snazzy green salad, and I brought some rosemary bread.  Then for dessert I made a pound cake with fresh sliced strawberries and whipped cream.  It was delicious!  Sunday family dinners with my family is what makes this girl happy!!

As our family grows, it makes me so happy.  So excited to get to share this special time in my life with my parents, my three brothers and my sister & her family… I mean the only thing I need in my life is my husband, Kellan, and our little peanut on the way.  I feel so blessed.  I feel like a girl who can say, “I’ve got it all.”  Honestly, what more could I ask for?

a letter to you.

Kellan, my dear sweet boy, this is a letter to you.  A lot has happened within a year!  You have brought new meaning to the word love.  I never knew I could love someone as much as your Daddy.  I never knew that the second the doctor placed you into my arms, tears would immediately flow down my cheeks and fall onto the top of your head, I could not stop them from coming.  It was one of the most magical moments of my life.  You were a perfect little baby.  You still are a perfect little baby.  (The majority of the time… you do know how to push my buttons, but hey, that comes with age.. and I’ll get you back when you’re an embarrassed young teenager…bwahahaha… I love you lil’ boy!)

Some of your favorites at the moment:

– vanilla honey greek yogurt.

– crystal lite lemonade.

– your soft plush animals (kangaroo, bunny & Sami the seahorse).

– soft blankies!  you fall on them and rub your face in the softness and gaze up at me with a look of satisfaction on your face.

– bathtime (you always have!)

– sharing.

– soups (any kind I make:  wild rice, tomato, french onion… you loooove them!)

– cuddles & love from Mommy & Daddy.

– your “big” cousins.

– storytime at the library, you have made quite the impression on the babies there, and they all just love you!

– walks around our neighborhood; basically anything outdoors… I think you love being out in the fresh air and looking at all the different things outside.

– 1% milk, heated to 37 seconds exactly… picky lil’ guy, but I don’t mind.

A lot is going to change for you within this next year of your life.  You are going to become a big brother to a new baby.  Your Daddy and myself will do our best to prepare you for what will come, but just know that if I don’t give you 100% of my attention all day, every day, it doesn’t mean I don’t care.  It’s just that I now have to now divide my time between you and your baby sibling.  I hope you will understand this as time goes on.  You can talk to me and ask me questions whenever you want.  I know you will be the best big brother, and I can not wait to share this new journey with you.  You will watch as my tummy grows bigger and bigger every month, I will show you small black and white pictures of a little baby, who you will get to meet in November, and you can help me pick out baby furniture for the new nursery.  I love you so much my sweet lil’ gumdrop sugarplum, and that will always be!!

Love,  your Mommy

Kellan’s 1st Party!

There was a birthday party on Saturday, for my little man.  It was Kellan’s 1st party!!  Thought I’d share ten photographs from this beautiful day!

1.  Daddy, Kellan, Grandpa.

2.  Daddy & Kellan.

3.  The birthday boy!

4.  Two cakes.

5.  “Happy Birthday to you…”

6.  Kellan going to work on his very own cake!

7.  Daddy & Kellan opening up presents.

8.  Kellan driving his new truck from Mommy & Daddy.

9.  Our family of three.

10.  Getting ready to head home…

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Last Friday, the date looked me in the eye:  March 30, 2012.  I was nervous for this day to appear, but when it happened, nothing but joy overwhelmed my day because it was my first-born son’s very first birthday!  I laid out his birthday present, a wooden train, and heard him rustling around in his crib.  I went in to get him and was so excited to tell him “Happy Birthday Sweetheart!”, he looked up at me and smiled, like he knew, but I know he just smiles because he sees his Momma… we went downstairs and he immediately saw his train and wanted down to play with it.  Kellan doesn’t really play with things at first, he grabs them and tosses them behind his shoulder.  This is exactly what he did.  After he got out his excitement, I tried showing him what you do with a train, but he just looked at me and continued with his throwing.  Silly boy.  One day he will learn what to do, but right now he is content in just tossing them around.  Fine by me.  No harm, no foul.

I decided I would take pictures and record his day with our video camera, and I certainly fulfilled my goal.  Our day went like this:

We went to Kellan’s one year old wellness check-up appointment in the morning, and I was anxious to know what his new stats were.  Here they are:

-Weight:  25 pounds (80%)

-Height:  30.75 inches (100%)

-Head Circumference:  18  (31%)

He has never been in the 100% of anything yet, so this was exciting news!  My little boy is growing and thriving… thank goodness!  Oh and he had four shots, yeah, forgot that part.  Not happy about that, but I guess he has to have them… his next appointment is at 18 months, so thankfully we don’t have to deal with those nasty shots for another 6 months.

{I made sure to put on loose pants for lil’ boy today, so he yes they are a tad baggy…}

{Oh yes, here I am… forgot I took this until I uploaded his birthday photos…}

Daddy finally came home for the day, and we decided to go out for Kellan’s first birthday dinner… we landed at The Olive Garden… he loves that place!!

That’s how we spent Kellan’s first birthday!  It was a beautiful day, I will remember every moment of it, but just in case I took a million pictures and used up our entire recording capacity on our video camera.  Yeah that’s right.  I’m one of those Mom’s, damn proud of it too!!  I love you little booboo!  I couldn’t be more proud of you and all the things you have learned how to do in your first year… 365 days… a whirlwind of a year!