a letter to you.

Kellan, my dear sweet boy, this is a letter to you.  A lot has happened within a year!  You have brought new meaning to the word love.  I never knew I could love someone as much as your Daddy.  I never knew that the second the doctor placed you into my arms, tears would immediately flow down my cheeks and fall onto the top of your head, I could not stop them from coming.  It was one of the most magical moments of my life.  You were a perfect little baby.  You still are a perfect little baby.  (The majority of the time… you do know how to push my buttons, but hey, that comes with age.. and I’ll get you back when you’re an embarrassed young teenager…bwahahaha… I love you lil’ boy!)

Some of your favorites at the moment:

– vanilla honey greek yogurt.

– crystal lite lemonade.

– your soft plush animals (kangaroo, bunny & Sami the seahorse).

– soft blankies!  you fall on them and rub your face in the softness and gaze up at me with a look of satisfaction on your face.

– bathtime (you always have!)

– sharing.

– soups (any kind I make:  wild rice, tomato, french onion… you loooove them!)

– cuddles & love from Mommy & Daddy.

– your “big” cousins.

– storytime at the library, you have made quite the impression on the babies there, and they all just love you!

– walks around our neighborhood; basically anything outdoors… I think you love being out in the fresh air and looking at all the different things outside.

– 1% milk, heated to 37 seconds exactly… picky lil’ guy, but I don’t mind.

A lot is going to change for you within this next year of your life.  You are going to become a big brother to a new baby.  Your Daddy and myself will do our best to prepare you for what will come, but just know that if I don’t give you 100% of my attention all day, every day, it doesn’t mean I don’t care.  It’s just that I now have to now divide my time between you and your baby sibling.  I hope you will understand this as time goes on.  You can talk to me and ask me questions whenever you want.  I know you will be the best big brother, and I can not wait to share this new journey with you.  You will watch as my tummy grows bigger and bigger every month, I will show you small black and white pictures of a little baby, who you will get to meet in November, and you can help me pick out baby furniture for the new nursery.  I love you so much my sweet lil’ gumdrop sugarplum, and that will always be!!

Love,  your Mommy


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