funnel cakes, gyros, or caramel apples.

I love Apple Blossom!  Not only the weeks leading up to the three-week festivities but all the commotion that it brings to our town.  If you don’t live here, Apple Blossom time is named this because of all the beautiful blossoms you see everywhere in our valley.  The pear blossom, cherry, literally any type of blossom is blooming and it is a sight to see.  We have an Apple Blossom royalty (one queen and two princesses), a parade (only for the children called the Kiddie Parade), the grande parade (adults, floats, this is a HUGE parade), food fair, arts and crafts fair, a carnival with rides & games, plus a miniature train that takes kiddies on rides.  This year we are hitting that up, because we have a little boy who loves trains!

Last night the food fair was open for customers.  I bet everyone and their brother were down there munching on funnel cakes, gyros, or caramel apples.  I can not wait to go.  Plus I am pregnant this year, so my cravings are in full force people!  Now don’t get me wrong, I have been eating healthy, but this is a once a year occasion and you bet your cute little tooshie I will be eating a caramel apple and probably some oriental food!  Booyah!  Kellan will get to smell all the yummy foods and we will taste lots.  I am a foodie, love it, love the smells, love cooking, love everything about food!  Can’t wait to take my lil’ boy and the hubby down there for a nice treat tomorrow.

Enjoy Apple Blossom my fellow Wenatcheeians… go get your banana dipped in chocolate, cotton candy, and deep-fried onion rings!  Oh yeah!

{We attended a birthday party last Sunday.  Noel’s Dad turned 58 years old… he asked to the group of us “What’s so great about turning 58?  I’ll  have to think about that for a while.”  I immediately looked at him and replied, “You get to be blessed with more grandbabies Dave.”  He looked right back at me, dead in the eyes and said “Good one Katie June, good one!”}


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