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Today is Tuesday.  This means I am 13 weeks pregnant, this is my last week in the 1st trimester (yippy!!), and I have my OB appointment this afternoon.  Plus I wanted to share ten tiny details with you about our life now…

1.  I am already wearing maternity shorts, capri’s, jeans, basically I am in full-on maternity clothes.  This is fun, but also a chore to get ready in the morning.  Clothes fit wierd in the 1st trimester, because your belly is not quite big enough to fill out the “expanding tummy waists”, your legs are relatively the same size, and you might just look like you ate a big meal.  The tummy is not a perfect round pregnant beach ball quite yet, so it is a struggle to find the right fitting clothes… bring on the 2nd trimester!

2.  Our garden is planted.  Let me tell you what, we have veggies sprouting their beautiful colors (green, light green, lime green) and I can not wait until we can harvest them!

3.  Lil’ boy loved Apple Blossom.  Last year was his first A.B. but he was only 5 weeks old and he didn’t know what was going on.  This year he knows everything.  He’s quite the smarty pants.  We took him to the Classy Chassy car parade, and he LOVED it!!  Hands were up in the air, smiling from ear to ear, and he didn’t mind the cold that the night brought us… he was in excellent spirits!

{our friends Charles, Rikki and their daughter Jaya were in the parade too!}

4.  I went to the food fair three times this year.  Oh yeah!  I wish we had a Greek restaurant here in Wenatchee, I love me some gyros!!  New thing I love, have to find that bread at a grocery store in town, so I can make some homemade steak gyros.

5.  The last day the food fair and arts & crafts fair were open, there was a Neil Diamond cover band/tribute band playing.  They were awesome!  My Mom and I went and we just sat, drank our frescas and listened for quite some time.  I love that!

6.  Kellan likes to swing at the park now.  At first he was skeptical of it, but after a few swings back & forth, he totally dug it.  Plus we met some of our old friends there, Kayla & her Momma, and our babies just loved it!  And I met a new Mom there on the same day.  Good for me, and double good for Kellan… more friends.  He pretty much has only girl friends because all the boys we meet are much younger than him.  Kind of a bummer, but I think he will be one with the ladies anyway… who can resist those blue eyes??

7.  While we are on the “Kellan likes” phase, he likes being nude!  That’s right, he is a nudist boy.  Before bathtime, we strip him down and he runs around all nudey.  And yes he does run, it is the cutest thing, watching his tight little butt just go.  I wonder how long kids enjoy this?

8.  Noel is super busy and will maintain this busy-ness through September when the last of our cherries will harvest.  He leaves bright and early in the morning, and he comes home past dinner time.  I miss him.  Kellan misses him.  But what a strong man and great provider he is for our family.  I know that the winter months bring more family time, and the harvest time is short-lived, but I am selfish.  I have said it before and I will say it again, I am selfish of my husbands time.  But, man I could not do what he does.  I don’t know if he could do what I do either… so we make a good team!  A perfect team!

9.  I am getting anxious as to find out if we are having a baby boy or baby girl… next month we find out, but dang, it feels like forever!  This pregnancy has gone by super fast already, I think it is because of Kellan and I am always busy doing something with him.  So I am sure June will creep up on us in no time at all.  But, this pregnancy has been different than Kellan’s, and at our first ultrasound the heart beat was 168… that is a high, which is known to be a girl.  Now Kellan’s heart beat was always fast so we thought he was a girl (I did anyway), and when a little boy popped out, I was amazingly surprised and could not be happier.  I don’t believe in myths, chinese gender charts, ect.  They fail me, so we will have to wait until we see boy parts, or nada… come on June!

10.  I love it when he wears stripes!  I mean come on’… have a beautiful Tuesday!


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