noticed and appreciated

Our weekend was pretty un-eventful.  Well one thing happened, which I will not go into detail with, but it was definately not the “highlight” of the weekend.  Noel had to work on Saturday, which meant just another regular day for Kellan and myself.  We tried keeping busy, and managed to do so by just hanging out and chillin.  (We do that quite often!)  Sunday rolled around and Noel had to work until noon.  Then he came home and we all ate some lunch and relaxed the remainder of the day.  I did have high hopes to get out of the house and just do something as a family, but we ended up watching the LA Kings game and the Coyotes won, which is cool because now they are actually contenders.  I don’t care for either of those teams, so whichever team makes it into the Stanley Cup Finals, I will watch them play (obviously) but not root for either of them.

Sunday was also filled with talking.  Blah, blah, blah.  For the past three months I have been talking to Noel about getting a pool.  Key word, talking.  Now it is May, the middle of May, the heat is around the corner, and I have no pool.  Actually I do have a small pool that I bought and inflated myself, but you can not really “swim” in it.  Kellan likes it because the water level comes up to his chest, and when he sits, it comes right up to his bottom lip.  Perfect for babies, not perfect for Mommy’s.  So, after chatting and planning where this pool will go, we decided on a spot and I ordered my pool.  Granted, we have to get some more cement laid out for a larger patio on the “ground” (grass) level, but hey, the pool arrives by June 4th, so my husband has two weeks to call someone and have them come up to the house and lay some cement to finish our patio.  Holler!  I will be able to swim in this pool, I will be able to do a handstand in this pool, and I can invite my family up to enjoy it as well.  Plus, plus, plus!


On a totally different note, today marks two years that I have been a wife to Noel.  We have been together for six years, dated for four and now married for two.  It feels like this is what I have been doing my whole life.  It feels right.  It just is so natural for us to say “I love you” in the morning and “have a good day babe” as he leaves the house, and I gently remind him “don’t forget your lunch…” as I am half-sleeping.  By our first anniversary, we had a wee babe, and now by our second anniversary, we are again pregnant and expanding our family.  Don’t get your hopes up, we are not gunna be three for three, well I don’t think so… but regardless I feel so content with our life and our family.  Being a stay at home Mom is what I have always wanted to do, from watching my own Mother do this important job, I knew that it was my destiny to follow suite.  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not all butterflies and unicorns prancing around every day, it is challenging, and yes tears have fallen down my face in frustration and feeling like “I do everything!” but you know, I would not have it any other way.  My role is important.  Taking care of our family, making sure it runs correctly, making sure we have clean clothes to wear, cooking our dinners every night, packing Noel’s lunch (when I have enough energy to do so), and in general making sure our home is well-kept and clean is an extremely enormous job to undertake.  Proudly, I do all of these things.  Some days I feel like Super-Woman, others I feel overwhelmed, but the one person who keeps me grounded and reassures me everything I do is noticed and appreciated is my husband, Noel.  Happy Anniversary to you babe, I love you times all the cherry blossoms in the world!!  You are my rock.  You are my everything.  I couldn’t have found a better man to spend the rest of my life with!  I love you!!


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