“Are you getting closer??”

As everyone is well aware, this last weekend was Memorial Day Weekend.  My sister and her family came into town, and any time this occurs, everyone goes all-out.  This doesn’t mean: cleaning your house, making sure you don’t have any laundry pile-ups, scheduling in every fun activity you can do, waking up early to make “stuff happen”. 

All-out means: baking chocolate chip cookies for everyone, staying up past bed-time to get in that extra talky-talky time, having cousins take a bath together (they are so cute!), texting Carly “Are you getting closer??”, random outings to the park, no nap for my little dude, eating whatever you wanna (ie: chips and salsa takeout from El Agave), plus two BBQ dinners at my parents house.  That is the best part, the food!!!  (And no, it’s not just because I am pregnant, I seriously love food; eating at my parents house means only the best.  Holler!)

Not to mention we took a little detour up to Noel’s Lapin Forest Orchard and rode four-wheelers.  I forgot my camera (arggggggh), but Noel, myself, Kellan, Carly, Jackson and Ali all went up and we rode around for two hours and had an awesome time!  Noel has been working so hard up there planting their new acreage, and I have been dying to see it, and this was the perfect time do to so.  It is quite impressive.  Now I understand why every day he comes home with mud and dirt up to his knees, he was a digging fool up there!  It makes me proud to be his wife, and to have such a hard working husband.  It is one of the hardest jobs I have ever been acquanted with or know about, and he literally leaves the house at 5am and gets home at 6pm (if I’m lucky).  He knows what he needs to do, and luckily for me, this means I can be a stay-at-home Mommy and devote all my energy and time to Kellan and growing this new lil peanut in my tummy.

Side-tracked there a little bit, woopsy.  But yes, we had a beautiful weekend.  I even got a little sun burn on my shoulders.  Gosh, I must be white.  Ahh being preggo means being ghostly for 9 months, thankfully this pregnancy for the majority of it, the weather should permit me to have that nice glowing tan color.  We shall see what happens.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!  I will leave you with some photographs I captured from our weekend:


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