I am happy!

Looking outside today, my plans for outdoor fun are now pushed back for a day (or possibly two if this weather continues).  There are puddles of rain everywhere, rain splashed sideways on every window on my home, my garden is extremely happy, the new concrete that was poured on Saturday is getting a washing, and the laundry pile-up is slowly going down.  Good things occur every time it rains here in the valley.  My home is a tad bit warmer, Kellan lets me hold him tighter, and we will enjoy a Minestrone soup with biscuits for our dinner.  Something to warm the tummy.  I didn’t plan that either, just happened to rain on the day I picked to make our soup.


This past weekend was filled with not one but three birthday parties to attend!  We were busy!  My beautifully wild niece Ali June turned two on May 28th, and celebrated her special day on Saturday.  It was awesome.  Kellan is teething (again), two more bottom teeth are sprouting at the same time, and he is one fussy little dude.  He spent the majority of the day upset, but brightened up once he saw the pinata, cake, cousins, Nana & Grandpa, Aunt and two Uncles.  Lucky for him he always gets showered with plenty of love.  Sunday was the big double birthday party for my newly teenager nephew, Eli, and accident prone niece Hailey.  I say accident prone because at her ‘gymnastics’ party she popped her elbow out of socket, had to be taken to the ER, and it was gently placed back in.  She then arrived at the double birthday party for herself and Eli and stumbled on the stairs, hit her head and knee… a small tear fell, but she got up and continued on with whatever it was she was doing.  She was still all smiles and the party went off without a hitch.  Kellan always has fun at parties, he loves watching his big cousins, follows them around, and tries mimicking their every move.  Now that he can walk & run, he does his best to keep up.  And he does!  He is fast!


Saturday morning was the day we had our friend, Morgan, come up to our home and pour concrete to extend our downstairs patio outside and make enough room for our pool.  This was a huge project.  I had no idea all the work, effort, man-labor, time, basically everything that goes into laying/pouring concrete.  My husband simply wants his wife to be happy, and babe, I am happy!  The concrete looks amazing, we have our new patio, now the last step is to set up our pool.  I do my best and let him complete projects on his own time, but with the heat coming quickly, I hope that we get the pool put together this up-coming weekend.  He works so hard, the last thing I want him to do when he comes home is do “home work”, but I am more than willing to help.  I might be a little over four months pregnant, but I can still do some stuff.

Cheers to everyone having a beautiful Monday, despite the rain, make the most of your day & start to your week!!


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