1.  I am now 18 weeks pregnant, the weeks have gone by so quickly, it is hard to believe that tomorrow, yes tomorrow, we will find out if we are having a sweet baby girl or another rough-housin’ boy.  Kellan is all boy, and I know he would love to have a playmate he can wrestle with, just roll around and rough-house with, get more bruises and scratches on his legs with, dirty up his nice pants with, and give me gray hairs with.  (I currently have none, but with two boys, I bet I would sprout a few!)

[here I am at 17 weeks & 4 days…]

2.  My little “big” brother graduated from Wenatchee High School last Friday evening.  It was cold and rainy all day and I was a little apprehensive as to what the evening would be like.  It turned out to be a gorgeous evening, their commencement ceremony was held in the Apple-Bowl (where we host all our WHS football games and soccer games), and we ended up leaving early.  I was sad about that, but my Mom said “You know what happens, he gets his diploma and we take pictures”, I know that, but I wanted to be there for all that rigamaroo.  It was way past Kellan’s bed time, so we left early and saw the pictures the following day.  Better to have a happy baby then a fussy one.  Amen!

3.  Saturday was Lachlan’s graduation party.  It was fabulous!  End of story.

4.  Noel’s orchard down in the Tri-Cities area, called Finley Orchard is underway and in full-swing of harvest!  He left yesterday, and will be gone all week.  (He is coming home tomorrow though for our ultrasound, yippy!)  I miss him when he is gone, but I know duty calls, and before I know it, harvest will be done and I get my husband back.  I love harvest because it is so fast-paced, busy-busy-busy, on the go, plus I get to enjoy the harvest by eating all the two-biter cherries he brings home.  Thanks babe!

5.  My own harvest, as far as my garden is going, is underway as well.  I have gotten to enjoy some little gem and buttercrunch lettuce as well as a few sugar ann snap peas off the vine.  We don’t have enough for a stirfry or a meal quite yet, but I go out there everyday and eat a few.  Nothing like eating fresh off the vine snap peas, let me tell ya!  And the lettuce smells divine!  Looks like Noel and I both have a “green thumb”, horray!!  Now, what to plant for next year…

6.  My pregnancy cravings are not all that exciting.  I love anything sweet, but despise cheesecake (and that texture), Twix candy bars or Taffy (watermelon flavor) are my two fav’s.  I am obsessed with otterpops and fruits.  (Frozen grapes, pears, mandarin oranges, cherries, and peaches.)  I also love a good turkey sandwich and butterscotch dipped dilly bars from Dairy Queen.  Pretty normal right??

7.  Can not wait to start decorating and getting our nursery ready for this little peanut!

8.  Kellan still takes two naps a day, bless his heart.  He must know Mommy needs that extra rest time.  And he still sleeps through the night (7:45pm until 8:15am) every single night.  He has done that since he was maybe five weeks old, I am wondering if this next babe won’t be as good a lil’ sleeper, or hopefully our routine will work again.  Keep your fingers crossed.

9.  Noel and Morgan (our friend) set up the pool on Sunday afternoon and we filled it up.  There was a leak, Noel patched it up, then we went inside to start getting food ready for our BBQ, came back out and the pool was over halfway filled.  There is another leak.  We don’t know where it is, and frankly there is so much water in the pool, it would be silly to just drain it, find the hole, patch it up, and re-fill it again.  So we are waiting until the pool drains enough (by itself) and then we will empty and re-fill it.  Oh lordy.  Morgan is married to my friend Whitney and they have a 6 month old son named Mack.  Kellan is learning how to be “gentle” or “careful” around Mack, it’s good practice for him, and I am seeing a little of what our future looks like with two babes in the house.

10.  Have a beautiful Tuesday ya’ll!!!


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