…another baby boy!

Since last Wednesday, my husband has been gone.  Not missing people.  He has been working a cherry harvest down in Finley.  Meanwhile, I have had to take on all the extra roles that Noel normally does.  Picking up dog poo, emptying the garbages, taking the extra large garbage can down to the curb every Monday night and rolling it back up into our garage every Tuesday morning, and feeding our animals.  It might not sound like a lot, but it is for a 5 month pregnant lady.  Plus I have this little man who is the center of my world always gazing up at me with a smile, so of course I sit down and read a bazillion books with him and forget about blogging, my laundry, or the prep work for our dinner.  So, today makes it day number 5 that I have had to do everything for, in and outside of our home.  It takes a lot of work people!  He should be coming home within the next day or two (cross your fingers), and I know Kellan, as well as myself will be super excited to finally have him home with us.  It just feels like a part of our “unit” is gone.  When Noel is gone, the vibe is different.  I love it when he comes home from his work day and Kellan hears the garage door open, he knows that Daddy will be right in the house to play with him, give him a big kiss and hug, and then immediately after gives Mommy a kiss.  I can’t wait for our regular routine to be back!

[this would be spaghetti…]


Last Wednesday, we found out the gender of our little babe in my tummy.  We are having another baby boy!  I cried (of course).  Tears of joy, tears of dreaming about two brothers, bestfriends, playmates… it was hard to pinpoint exactly why I was crying, I think excitment was a lot of it.  I am happy with two boys, that’s all I wanted and need.  Noel looked at me and said, “I might need to have a little princess too babe…” I looked at him like, “Dude, we haven’t even had this baby and you are thinking about me getting pregnant again??”  Don’t get me wrong, I love being pregnant, the anticipation, the thrill, but there certainly are some things that I do not like.  Such as the emotional roller-coaster, oh man!  I mean, why do the moods have to be so Jekyl and Hyde?  I feel bad for Noel sometimes, because I can feel myself over-reacting to something so small… then I remember you are extra emotional, just breathe, and think about what you are freaking out about.  This is real life.  This stuff happens.  Thankfully that was only during my first trimester, but dang, it wore me out, and my dear sweet husband, he truly is a saint to have put up with my moods.  I LOVE YOU HUNNY!!!

Now, since we know we are having a boy, I have everything I need.  Clothes, toys, diaper genie, blankets, burp cloths, nursing essentials (I can’t wait to nurse again, this was one of my favorite parts of having a baby, the bond, Kellan and I loved our nursing times together!!), bottles, carseat, bassinnet, jumperoo, activity mat, whale tub, you name it, we pretty much have it covered.  However, I forgot about the big stuff such as:

– crib & crib bedding

– dresser

– changing table

– sleepy items for a routine for bedtime

– nursery room essentials: hamper, decorative pieces, some sort of name plaque/idea thingy, lamp, newborn diapers

Thankfully, I am already in full-on nesting mode.  My parents kept the bedding they used for my two little brothers (cowboy theme/ red plaid/ stars), and I have always adored it.  I washed it, and can’t wait to buy the crib to set it all up and look at the finished product.  The changing table, I am thinking we can forgo, because we can take Kellan’s out of his room and put it in the baby’s nursery room for him, once we start using his room more and more.  Afterall, Kellan is just about to long for his changing table, so that should work out perfectly!  Next up is the dresser, which I will have to buy (along with the crib) and I have found bundles online to buy these two items, and that should work out great!  Noel likes to see in person what he is going to buy, I don’t really care either way, I just want to buy it!  Noel is impulsive when he shops, and that has slowly rubbed off on me.  I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, we shall see what we end up with…

I figure as long as we get the big stuff ordered or “store-bought on site” by the end of July, I will be happy.  We have to slowly clear out the computer room, which is where my desk is, this computer I type my blog on, a bookshelf and chair, and the closet (oh god… not looking forward to that… where are you supposed to put all this stuff????  Ideas people?), then everything should start taking place and my nesting will probably go up until I birth baby brother, because I imagine it will take me that long to get everything organized.  (I am not diagnosed with OCD, but I have to have everything in their specific spot.  From the linen closet, to the refrigerator, to my paper products, to underneath the sinks… I am very particular with our things.  Good or bad thing, I don’t know, but it does take me extra long to complete any project.  Lord help me!)

Enough talky-talky for one day… whew!  Hope everyone has a beautiful Monday and a good start to your busy summery week!!

[lil’ boy loooves our cat, Braden… he runs up to him face plants in his fur and squeezes… Noel always says “run Braden, run!!!!!”, and I always laugh because Braden doesn’t mind, he just lays there… what a good kitty!]


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