Little things.

Our weekend was a lovely one.  Not exactly summer weather, but we made the best of it none-the-less.  Noel worked Saturday morning, but when he came home we were off!  We always have things to do.  And when I have Noel’s help with the grocery shopping or anything really, I sure do appreciate it!  I had an exhausting week, so when he has an afternoon off from work, I cherish it and don’t plan anything (I am getting better at this babe, right??), and try to let the day take over and we just follow with whatever plans we want to do.  We ended up at the grocery store and Walker’s Furniture to check out some new furniture for our media room downstairs.  It was simply a “theater room”, now it is being transformed into a multi-purpose room: elliptical, computer desk, flat screen and some comfy couches is what it will hold… I can’t wait for the finished product.  Kellan loves going down there (there’s also a room off of it which is our laundry room- and another bathroom) so we go down there every day to do the laundry.  However, the carpet is extra soft and he likes to strum on our guitar and banjo.  He has always been a musical babe, but to listen to him just strum on the chords makes me smile.  No real tune or song, obviously, but I enjoy it.

Kellan has been either taking an abnormally long morning nap and no afternoon nap, or vice versa.  There is no guarantee’s for that little guy anymore.  But I still stick to our schedule and put him down for his two naps regardless.  And if nothing else, he has quiet time in his room while I either get myself ready for the day, or lay down and take a breather myself. Growing another human being is exhausting people!  Plus, babies and toddlers like to have a routine, they like to know what to expect out of their day as well, and by me allowing us to stay on track (for the most part, weekends are a bit iffy), it helps Kellan rest and take his appropriate relaxing moments so he has enough energy to play, learn, read, and eat during his “awake” hours of the day.


I would like to think that I am doing a pretty good job of “teaching” Kellan what he should be learning at this age.  He does still toss his toys over his shoulder (sometimes), but for the most part he is doing pretty darn good.  I am teaching him colors, shapes, noises of animals, how to use his utensils, how to not throw your plate but eat off of it.  Little things.  Even though he might not be getting everything right now, the repetitive nature will eventually catch on, and he will get it within time.


Sunday was spent out at my in-laws home.  They have a beautiful home right on the river, and it was just nice seeing everyone.  My father-in-law wanted to have a seafood theme party, so me being myself, I spent all week looking up new recipes that sounded delicious.  I ended up choosing a stuffed crab and shrimp mushrooms recipe.  Everything sounded good (ingredient wise), plus I was able to use some veggies and herbs from my garden to add to it.  Oh yeah!  I will give you the recipe tomorrow after my stomach digests all the seafood I ate yesterday.  The measurements were a little iffy, so I will alter it for you as to what I did.  Plus we had way more stuffing than mushrooms, so Noel, Kellan and myself enjoyed our “dip” with crackers before the fiesta and boy, was it sure a nice treat!  There was a strawberry spinach salad, oysters, a shrimp salsa with chips, my stuffed mushrooms, a cold pasta salad and some salmon.  & let me just tell you WOW!  I love seafood, this was amazing!  I love themed parties, it makes everything a tad bit exciting, I am encouraged to make a new dish, and you get to eat, eat, eat.

[our Sunday…]

[the next three photographs were taken by my husband…]

[there are hardly any photographs of me & Kellan, so thank you babe, I love this!]

[check out those curls… I just love them]

[bathtime at our house was a must last night… lil’ boy sure was dirty!]

Yesterday was also my big brother Alex’s birthday!  Happy Birthday to you brother, we love and miss you… study hard for your boards… eat lots of chicken wings… and remember you have a huge family of 12 rooting for you!!!  Hope your birthday rocked!


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