…my journey.

I realized yesterday that I have been writing my blog for over a year now.  I have documented so many wonderful things in my life.  I have shared funny, sad and a wee bit awkward moments in my life with you all.  My Mom and I were talking yesterday and she said, “You are writing a book, Katie.  Authors do not remove parts of their book once it is published”, and I thought yeah you are right.  I do hit the word “Publish” every time I finish blogging, and there is nothing I would change about my blog.  Ever.  I am so proud of it, and I would never remove anything from my life that has happened because I am a believer in no regrets.  Everything I have done in my life has led me up to this point where I am right now.  I am a wife.  I am a Mother.  I am a grateful and recovering alcoholic.  Those three things mean the entire world to me, and without one I would not have the other.

Just wanted to express my gratitude to not only how far I have come as a person, but thank the most important people in my life who have helped me along my journey.  Noel, my sweet and amazing husband.  Our two sons, Kellan and baby brother.  My Dad & Mom.  And my four wonderful siblings.  Without you people I fear I might have crumbled and failed, however you all have given me so much strength and without even knowing it, but just thinking of my family has helped me push on through the hard times and know that there is light.  The flowers will bloom.  So, thank you, all.  I love you.

[my little angel finger-painting]

Hope your Friday & weekend is a lovely one!  Cheers my friends!!


2 thoughts on “…my journey.

  1. Katie,
    You write an inspiring thought-provoking blog that encourages new mommies with your talent in cooking, creative crafts, and activities you do with your family. Keep writing. You have many loyal readers. You are amazing!

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